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Shirt #2: FTL - Space Time

By iPancakes
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I'm honestly surprised about the lack of fanart this game has D: Especially since it did so well.
So I've decided to do some art of the races, from left to right: Engi, Mantis, Human, Zoltan, Slugs, Rockmen. There's also Crystals but I have yet to find them, apparently they're rare to come across, let alone obtain their ship. Personally I quite love the Zoltan cruiser xD and their fancy shields with laser beams.
The designs I drew are probably all wrong as well.. considering this is basically all I had to take reference from: [link] So keep in mind they might actually look different xD However this is just my interpretation.

If you love adventure, space and some real-time strategy, I'd recommend it [link] :) Very fun and quite addicting.

Also, since I've been rushing a lot of my work lately, I put a bit more effort in this particular fanart because I'll also be selling it on Redbubble. Alongside the pancakes shirt, so if you would enjoy this on a shirt the option is there too: [link] The first fanart shirt I've done so far :P I wonder what should I do next..
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the art looks kinda like adventure time
iPancakes's avatar
Ahuh, that's why I called it Space Time :D
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and the engi to me is a bit too big
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Is it okay if I use this image for a thumbnail on my YouTube FTL series, I'll put a link in the desription, so people no where the epic piece came from!
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So long as you've given the source of the work (a link) and acknowledgment (not claiming it as your own artwork) it's fine by me.

Thank you for asking directly for permission first :)
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Ha, the Slug looks so happy! You'd never guess that he's a greedy asshole!
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Y no
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At the time I wasn't sure where to fit them in without it looking too crowded x_x

Although now, I reckon I should have put the Engi in the middle with the rest and have the Rockman bro fist a Crystal instead.
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Or, or put the cristal on the floor in the "look how much fun I am having with my buds" fasion.
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