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You may find this perhaps as a pleasant journey into a realm of inspiring whispers from your very own Nymph of Creativity! :)

Have your foreheads blessed with the "vibe-runes" of Serenity, Joy and Fulfillment, and your hearts with Empathy, Understanding and Love!  :hug:

Tyrant undying mind...

Tue Oct 30, 2012, 2:26 PM

...  in the end of human experiences of such large palette, a soft bitter " :) " ... and a river of untold words...  and a tyrant thought climbing its meaning inside skull walls :
"... I will revive you, so few dear and majestic life forms of human accident... i will fill you with living meaning again into my own heaven... somewhere, some day, some way..."

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  • Drinking: water of once souls...

Autumnal little tribute...

Thu Oct 18, 2012, 12:05 PM

I joined with pleasure to "Merrell Shoebox Design Contest" with my humble Diorama of some sweet Fall memories   Sweet Autumn Memory by IosifChezan

The images used belongs to my own gallery of photos taken during my holidays.

The entire work was done by myself first digitally as a photo-manipulation, wanting to blend all sweet symbols of my happy moments there. The photo-manipulation was printed on adhesive paper, then put on harder cardboard, then hand-made cut with special paper cutters. Finally all cut pieces were glued with powerful glue on the main shoe box. The dimensions of Diorama are: 33cm width, 20 cm depth, 28cm height.

I hope it will be an enjoyable sharing to eyes... :)

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Emotional vision...

Fri Sep 7, 2012, 7:00 PM

I joined today a Fotolia photo-manipulation contest with my humble entry: Undying Memory by IosifChezan
In spite of not being a photo-manipulator, I had an emotional idea that pushed me to be creative  with lust.
Whether the whole world would end, some stubborn memories would defy death...and maybe,...maybe would recreate a far better world, with the same thirst that once Plato had in mind when imagining the archetypal  World of Ideas...

*** Many thanks for too kind feature and beautiful words of appreciation of :icone-x-p-o-s-u-r-e: in EXPOSE YOURSELF - Feature!Sorry for the delay! But I'm back now, so on with the features! :dummy: I might start making competitions soon and rewarding people with points, but I need some ideas first, so bear with me... something that would really expose you as an artist... hmm! :la:
Of course we are continuing the comment and description thing  for features and I hope that you enjoy this feature as much as I enjoyed writing it! :heart:

This is simply and purely amazing. It's made using only stock images and shows you the power of what photoshop can do. The title is brilliant as it matches the quality of the artwork and the concept is fantastic.
:iconIosifChezan: has a lot of different artwork ranging in his gallery ranging from concepts, comics, photo manipulation, striking digital art, traditional work and more. His mind, his creativity is very breathtaking and should be exposed to the world of art.

This piece of literature is amazing. The title is "nightmare" and it

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The voting on DA Mythological T-shirt contest  was open from today, 25 july and will end on 31 july. Here are my entries:
Sharing IMAGINATION by IosifChezan  and   Power to IMAGINE by IosifChezan
I f you feel you would love my designs, feel free to support me, and vote  by clicking "I WANT THIS" button, placed just below "ADD TO FAVORITES" option. The first 100 entries with the most votes will go in semifinals. There will be chose only 2 entries by 3 Da judges based on number of votes and few other criteria.  

Also id love to share some other designs  in here which i love. Feel free to vote them as well if you enjoy them:
Dragons tshirt by sandara - great concept and inspirational of talented :iconsandara: , which made me in fact to join the contest
Mythical Creatures Contest - Quetzalcoatl by Vyrilien - great details and cool concept of talented :iconvyrilien:
My True Self by darjad - a sensible vision of :icondarjad:
MYTHICAL CREATURES by LENGARTISTRY - great chromatic and detailed concept of :iconlengartistry:

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A true gift to my ego- a new 'DD'

Tue Nov 1, 2011, 3:22 PM

Many thanks to :iconastralseed: and :iconmarcellyne:  for suggesting and featuring as a DD this special painting for me  - "DEFYING FATE DAEMON "

Mature Content

Defying The Fate  Daemon by IosifChezan

I will also link here a place I enjoy -The Round Tablet , dedicated to art and to raising the spirit of creativity :
In few words, "The Round Tablet is a new online magazine for digital artists interested in entertainment-related art fields such as video game and film concept art, comic books, or animation. The site's purpose is to encourage visitors to draw more by providing an abundance of insight, inspiration, and resource to immerse them in a world of constant creativity. It is run by Riki, an illustrator and designer residing a stone's throw away from the Shire. "

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :)

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A little 'tribute'

Thu Jul 21, 2011, 6:21 PM

I would be happy  to pay a humble "tribute" to three  deep artists which i admire.   Three deep artists with sensible "touch" each in their way whom i want to encourage from all my heart to continue to give away all the BEAUTY inside them...   and this angelic sounding "BLESSING" for all of them :…
:iconjoediamondd:  :thumb204580635: - an ambitious and talented romanian artist who makes me always proud i share the same genes and blood  form our romanian ancestors :). Visit her page, and ask for her art services, you will not be disappointed! Here i will link some of her beautiful deep creations, though she have an impressive gallery (her own site is here -…)
:thumb253012176: Horn Movie Poster by JoeDiamondD Winter Wallpaper by JoeDiamondD :thumb170490937: Halloween Story by JoeDiamondD Waiting for a Sign by JoeDiamondD :thumb200273833: Fire Realm by JoeDiamondD :thumb204515282: :thumb235762804: Aquarium by JoeDiamondD Special Delivery by JoeDiamondD Gypsy Land by JoeDiamondD Autumn Wallpaper by JoeDiamondD
:iconepiphanytobelieve: - a sensible deep mind and taste for beauty along with very good skill for design concept will make this artist famous one day... :). Order from her and put her imagination and skill at work, and you will be surprised. Here is her own site also -…
:thumb251888074: :thumb250420645: :thumb243218378: :thumb214090913: :thumb197283224: :thumb213259244: :thumb197140289: :thumb213329196: :thumb214439780: :thumb215785298:  :thumb197161638: :thumb197145681: :thumb197139971: :thumb213328578: :thumb197142844: :thumb197414444:

    We all know that art is another kind of "living" then our real life routine spinning. A kind of living that is not mainly oriented to "profit", but to the most celestial and beautiful calls the human spirit was able to feel and experienced  in MIND, thrilling the flesh with its emotions, and charming the eyes to tears sometimes ... that is why MOST ARTISTS SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED to continue CREATE  and  EVOLVE by any noble "art  lovers and consumers " who had the chance  and the power to conquer a better way in life, financially speaking.
    So i urge from all my heart the one who afford, to encourage artists they treasure BY ORDERING SOMETHING FROM THEM, giving them the opportunity to CREATE and LIVE in this state of art, and not let LOSE precious talents due to our wrong oriented world philosophy to only egoist PROFIT!... (and my heart hurts thinking how much irremediable is this system of values implemented by the one who love to keep control and abuse the weaker, no matter how beautiful, rare and precious may be as MIND, as IMAGINATION, as CREATING POTENTIAL...)   

     Because i tell you, my beloved, we live and die as flesh... and everything else will fade from us and memory of others, except our ACTS OF CREATION , or our  DEEDS who made great impact on others mind and by this maybe in UNIVERSAL  HUMAN CONSCIENCE which i like to believe is ... ETERNAL.  Even if we are not gifted artists to create directly, we can be maybe GREATER artists to be the FORGERS  of the ones who would create BEAUTY, by supporting artists in any way we can afford better. And i know so well what I am talking about, i am a lucky living example who "live to tell the story" of great noble men who love and support art, in all its countless manifestations...

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  • Eating: honey of art emotions
  • Drinking: fluid of dreams
Hear me...…

WHY we are only "simple humans", worried most of simple human needs, ...when we encounter BEINGS so beautiful,  so we  are afraid to believe they are truly alive into our unique living... alive and  touchable?...

WHY afraid of what we didn't thought possible to exist?  We should better try to never lose even a bit of what maybe,  we always dreamed to...  and when we have it almost on our grasp, we run in "fear"... searching more for... "common safety grounds"?

We dont feel good to lose anything of what we experienced beautiful ... and this could be possible indeed, into a world where we are all sharing ourselves to anyone we enjoy,... without fear of give too much to some or too less to others... and where we take from all we enjoy, as much as we desire, without making anyone hurt...  

You dont think this could be possible?... hmmm take my MIND... for the humble start and designing...
and STOP of being only humans...  we are not designed for only that ...  Though most of humans are only fearful PRESERVERS of what they LEARN ... But those of us that are INSANE enough to DARE more then PRESERVING, to dare to CREATE NEW, ... those are DEMIGODS, because of who, maybe, the Universe is not daring to put an END in a fart,  to "this outrageous rebel which is mankind - a nasty indigestion inside the Universe's belly "...

So DARE to be MORE if u feel inside that urge and unrevealed yet treasure... CRY, FIGHT, SWEAT BLEED to be MORE!!! ...

...for simple egoist humans born, hurt, feed, breed and DIE without reason of living, and without anyone remember and revive them in eternal humankind conscience ...

...of course... deaf ears and fearful minds, would leave in terror these words... but in any one, inside them, no matter of kind, .... a SEED will remain... and maybe BLOOM  "someday...someway, .. somehow..."
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  • Reading: beyond simple smiles...
  • Watching: eyes deep inside...
  • Playing: without nothing to lose...
  • Eating: "sweet poison of dreams"...
  • Drinking: daring poison...
[... in front of the Gods High Court, ...the final words preceding conviction: ]

We live most of our human lives in shadow, or dim light... trying to learn and understand why we have such o thirst for more...
...and if by an impossible chance we see the SUN... most times getting blind ... and overrun by fear, we run back to hide in our cozy simple reality, where "normal" people -our life neighbors- are...  
     And we would tell ourselves it was a ...hallucination, and the SUN is just a scary tale for little children...

I... knew the SUN... and was not AFRAID to stay in its LIGHT and WARMTH like nothing else...

I am THERE still, trapped between the hypnotic epiphany ...and the doom of not daring to touch, ...for the fear of being only an illusion, ... or worse, to stir the rage of the other planets around... and to unleash a total IMPLOSION...

hmmm, and if i would dare beyond human nobility, maybe... by an implosion, would be probably born a new UNIVERSE...  But i am  A NOBLE MIND... AND I DO NOT DARE... for the sake of Altruism and a much further Understanding inside me,... for "the others with life inside them"   ...

My final request is to hear this again:…

Now Judge me! ...

[after a long pause, a bass voice says, trying to clear his throught: ]

-"Hmmmhgrhmm!... Your final request granted!... now the Court decided for this un-human daring, like in most of precedents, TOTAL OBLIVION! I have spoken!!!"

"-HAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahaaaaaahahhaa...." a long intimidating laugh sprang out from the convict chest... You littel Gods.. hahahhahhhaaa... poor gods playing with poor human's Fate as your favorite game between meals, where you served also only human dramas...HAHAHAHHAHHHHAAAhahaa... Little ones... Dont you know that I...I am YOUR GOD?!?!  MY MIND IS THE CREATOR OF ALL OF YOU... AND YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER HER...

  • Listening to: MUSE
  • Reading: beyond madness
  • Watching: through madness
  • Playing: the "Young God"
  • Eating: "young god " half heart
  • Drinking: "young god"Undisclosed Desires
(hear my soul vibrating on these waves of sound, beyond its words or real symbols that matter too less:…  )
   It is so incredible of how little we need to feel empowered, to feel more then simple humans, more then simple prisoners in the wheel of "happening life"...  so little needed to  have the power to translate our inner "BEAUTY" to so many of us, who would happy receive, admire and follow example to share theirs...  in the most "holiest" way of what BEAUTY means.

   We need our "MUSE" to inspire us with the "Fire of Creating" ,... to Heal us where no simple human can heal, pour inside us more power to "conquer any  World", no matter how deep-mental, or cruel-material would be...

   Only feeling that strange happiness inside  would anyone understand what i say, ... that strange happiness which makes eyes shine with power , ...which makes a permanent mark on face drawing a subtle smile, ... which radiate to all around, spreading "rays of light" and optimism... like having always a Guardian Angel into the soul... or maybe a Goddess
  • Listening to: "the call" to nobility
  • Reading: my mind...
  • Watching: beyond simple flesh...
  • Playing: a different kind of living...
  • Eating: "bread" of inspiration...
  • Drinking: Muse's tears...
  • Listening to: mermaid' song...
  • Reading: in the mists of posibilities...
  • Watching: how am I get CRAZY... and how gooood it feels...
  • Playing: with Fate Daemons...their favorite game
  • Eating: Dream Dust and Bread of Hunger for MORE :)
  • Drinking: Beautiful mind "springs"...
If CRAZINESS is a price to be paid to create and shape our DREAMS, then it's a MUST to happen :)... and  it's worthing any single moment of Insanity.  But if you don't know the WAY to the first DOOR, i will point my finger silently to this :… if i am too vague, try this:…;:)
The Creation have started! ... now the only thing remained to be followed and acomplished is to become in this demiurgic shaping, our own life Michaelangelo... Let s shape our life with the grace of our most daring dreams vibrating our mind in their way to manifest in matter!
  • Listening to: My resting "camp fire" music
  • Reading: Beyond words
  • Watching: Far, beyond matter
  • Playing: with Fate
  • Eating: Dreams
  • Drinking: Juice of Desires
For that side, visit , my religious work site. There you can see the smile of my "second face", the comforting one :)