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A glimpse of HOTS Epic Universe

By IosifChezan
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UPDATE: Oh, I got into semi-finals! Heroes of the Storm Contest Semi-Finalists
It feels beyond words! It was an honor to participate aside so many great entries, and it is an honor to be near such talented artists in the first 25 selected!

Here is my try to mirror a glimpse of what Blizzard shared with us all... all those in thirst for magic universes with inspiring colors, surprising design and dynamics, eager to experience unmatched gameplay inside thrilling epic adventures.  What more cozy place to feed the call of the Hero inside of us rather then a Blizzard Universe? 

I planned this as  an iconic pyramidal composition with 3 representative characters from 3 different Blizz universes - Diablo, Zerathul and Illidan.

I painted it with such a passion in all my spare time of the month (days or nights, even without sleep in the last night); nevertheless I finished it only one hour before the contest was about to be closed. On such theme it is impossible to stop and say "i'm satisfied, there is nothing i could imagine, add or enhance" :)

ps. The characters whom i play most inside Heroes of The Storm are Illidan and Zerathul :)
*Awesome artworks in this contest! Good luck to everyone!

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Congrats on semi-finals with this piece! This is really good, so much to discover. 
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Thank you, I loved working on this piece, and I spent on it countless days in wonder how to enrich more... of course, with complex depictions, there is always so much room to enhance the magic and alluring aura :)
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That is one hell of a battle. I love your work. I'm also a fan of Illidan. I don't mean to offend anyone, but unfortunately judgment in every contest on DA is a bit irrational.
IosifChezan's avatar
You are too kind, talented friend, thank you! You have an amazing gallery as well! :)
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Mr-Ripley's avatar
What a fantastic colored work! =D
IosifChezan's avatar
Your words are soothing, thank you! :)
dragonballzmaniac's avatar
Do you mind if I use this as a Banner? I might try and stream Heroes and I love this art.  :D
IosifChezan's avatar
It's ok, I'm glad you enjoy it! :)
Burook's avatar
Awesome work
IosifChezan's avatar
Thank you again! :)
alithking's avatar
Epic art work my friend, well done.
IosifChezan's avatar
Thank you so much! :)
alithking's avatar
You wellcome, it is epic and great art work indeed, an apocaliptic fight, well done.
spitesyre's avatar
This is fascinating. ^_^
IosifChezan's avatar
Thank you so much :)
seancumiskeyart's avatar
This is absolutely astounding!
IosifChezan's avatar
Thank you so much! Kind words like those are filing back my creative powers :)
chouso's avatar
You should have been one of the three finalists imho - amazing piece of art!
IosifChezan's avatar
You are too kind, dear friend :) Your words plant seeds of "trying to be better next time" into myself. I am so glad you enjoy it! :)
KobashiHD's avatar
As amazing as this is, i can't stop looking at diablos horns, one is so unbelievably bigger than the other i can take me eye off of it >.<
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