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want to draw a kind of monster of air. but ending with something like tattoo art with what i dont know. i like it :)
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Great Work    !

My First Favorit Tattoo
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amazing !! thats cool
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Great work! Congrat!
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This is really beautiful
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i think this can go alot of different ways, i look at it going torwards the way of a beautiful woman, simply amazing work though.
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It looks like a Tribal tattoo of the girl from WitchBlade [link]
Hello, we are a new business in Muskoka that produce calenders an magazines and are interested in using some of your art in our logos. We would like your permition to use them as you say it is okay. Please get back to us at:
enwboyd@live. ca
xblackxxwingsx@hotmail. com

Thank You from, Tattoo'd Trash Productions
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you're right, this would be an amazing tattoo.
it's like a fiery belldandy.
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coolest. tribal. evar.
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i have a similar tat :| but this one is less complicated...great work!! :D
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I love this piece. It has placement of line/form that is very interesting. The top headdress(?) looks amazingly complicated. I would love to have a tattoo resembling this
I Really love this artwork !

Would you aprove it to be worked out in order to adjust size and become tattoo'd on my body !?
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Wow.. Im a tattoo artist and I would love to tattoo that on some one. as a matter of fact, I did something simular for him last week. see it at [link]
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next time I go get ink this might be it. If you wouldn't mind, that is.
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