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What to expect from the gallery?
This gallery is centered around the idea of renders of miscellaneous video game characters, made using Blender with the Cycles engine. The central theme of the gallery is peril/damsels in distress.

Request rules:

  • I don't do requests... unless the idea really, really, really intrigues me or goes along the lines of something I was thinking of doing.
  • If I do like your idea, I can't make promises on making it... tho it might happen eventually (unless its a prize contest, then it will happen soonish!!!)
  • I do take requests on different angles of existing renders... it doesn't take me as much time to just re-shoot a render I already got done... it just takes 10-20 mins to process each shot, so I can do that.
  • I can take requests on changing the pose of a certain set (with certain limitations of course) and this usually to sets produced after December of 2015. Anything produced before that I can't even render again due to file loss.
  • Commissions are open more info at:….

Aaaand that's it =) hope its useful for future reference.

Thank you all for your watch!! really appreciated.
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Alright the clean up is done, no more peril pictures, hopefully no stragglers are around. In case you want to see all that was removed (plus extras) you can find them over my Pixiv account: Updates (though no older archive) can be found at my Twitter account at: And also you can find sneak previews, live chat and many other goodies at my Discord server at: Something important to note is that future peril pics (because fuck yes I am still producing those) wont be posted on DA, but instead will go to both Twitter and Pixiv. Everything else will be posted as usual in here. Also... something I urge you to do is to at least keep those links in mind in case one day I get Thanos snapped from this site.
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A friend of mine, Marvin, just got banned from the site so, leaving you here a link where you can still find him: He also hangs out on my Discord as well, feel free to join if thats your cup of tea =D
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Okay, so for reasons that were brought into my attention (not going to go into depth, because its not in my place to discuss other people bans or DA policies), I am going to delete all peril content from my gallery. It's a decision that pains me to make (considering its an important size, part of my gallery), but a needed one if you want me to still be around. I am going to delete all peril related content (death traps, bombs, you know the drill) effective as tomorrow morning. And yes, this includes animations. If you have anything you want to download from me on this site, better do it right now. F.A.Q Why the short notice, why are you deleting so fast? because it seems theres a policy shift, and I am accommodating my gallery to said shift. I've built this gallery on almost a decade of work, it would suck to have it deleted just because I am stubborn on keeping peril content around. Can I find your content still? Yes, I'll keep posting as per-usual on my other
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