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Tifa's Final Haven - VIII

If her arms won't budge.... well maybe its a good time to try the legs right? maybe if she could get those free she could get more options at her escape.


Tifa belongs to Squaresoft and the model to Team Ninja
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ForestWolfDragon's avatar
Bloody hell!  More excellence you are sharing!
schwarzritter's avatar
Great legs up posing, looks like she's kicking pretty hard.
Willfulinsolence's avatar
Great like the others!
iorel-renders's avatar
thank you man glad you like
jazo2's avatar
Wow , another awesome 3D picture and work here :D (Big Grin) Wink/Razz Meow :3 I like it Clap Clap Clap 
jazo2's avatar
You're welcome :D (Big Grin) Wink/Razz Meow :3 
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar

Oh man. You are selling this really well with the fact that she's going through the different phases of struggle. And look, panty shots! :D :D :D

iorel-renders's avatar
Hehe thank you!! and indeed its like... grief? it has different phases until she gets the "welp, I am not getting out" phase =p
SilverEnderEdge's avatar
Uh oh...judging by the background, she's been kidnapped by a bondage expert!
iorel-renders's avatar
Yuuuup.... or someone who has a really, really extensive collection of stuffs to bind people up with xD
I'm taking a guess a hogtie or something else is next for Tifa.
iorel-renders's avatar
A hogtie nup.... something else maybe =p
Guess we will just have to wait and see. 
VideoGameBondage's avatar
woot ballgag in the background lol
iorel-renders's avatar
Lol indeed, whoever got her has all the things.
Thebeastwithin2's avatar
Her expression seems to have gone from scathing anger to reluctant helplessness. And I love it!
iorel-renders's avatar
Oh of course, like.... if all attempts to get free have failed I think panic is starting to settle in. It's the "oh fuck I am actually stuck" sort of moment xD
Broseidon-Of-The-Sea's avatar
The last few renders you've had are such a huge increase in quality. I'm loving it :)
iorel-renders's avatar
welp, that's actually good to hear, been trying to push it on some areas though I thought was too subtle for anyone to notice xD
carlos1976's avatar
Una pose perfecta para tifa , y muy buen ángulo
iorel-renders's avatar
gracias amigo hehe, que bueno que te gusto
mbill1's avatar
Poor tifa.
Some more tools have been added to the back.  XD 
iorel-renders's avatar
xD they've been there always though.... but indeed seems that whoever got her is quite well equipped xD
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