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Tifa's Final Haven - III

Tifa now asleep had been slung on this mysterious man's shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He headed off into the alley, to an unknown destination...

Update: As it was pointed out the hair sort of didn't quite make sense and changed the pose quickly so it looks more natural considering well.... gravity.


Tifa belongs to Squaresoft and the model to Team Ninja
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keii123's avatar
Espero que mythra también reciba el mismo tratamiento xD
ForestWolfDragon's avatar
I wonder where he is taking her. ;)
schwarzritter's avatar
Bet she wishes she didn't wear a mini dress. nice view.
iorel-renders's avatar
Hahaha yeah... sometimes heroines dont think through when it comes to attires
crunchynugs's avatar
Would love to see a DiD game based on this scenario.
A guy can dream....
iorel-renders's avatar
that would be awesome
Damselbinder's avatar
This is spectacularly well done.
iorel-renders's avatar
thank you!!! I feel... like its still not quite there, like.... I kinda imagine her legs being like bent in a way as if she was kicking or something instead of just.... limp xD
Damselbinder's avatar
But she's unconscious, isn't she?
iorel-renders's avatar
Omg for some reason I thought this was a comment on the chloroform one haha. Yeah I like how this one came up since OTS carries can be tricky
zRyonaGirl's avatar
Ots carries are the best😍 You should do more like thisss
iorel-renders's avatar
Maybe at some point in the future, definitely
Lathiira's avatar
Knowing where she's going isn't really important. Right now it's the journey, not the destination. A journey made slung over her captor's shoulder :)

I also love that sign on the wall with the chocobo!
iorel-renders's avatar
xDDDD pretty much haha I mean at least is going to be a comfortable one for her? I mean she's going to be asleep for the duration of it xD

As of the sign while I can't take credit for the idea on itself (found it on a random t-shirt on google) thought would be cute to remake it into a poster for the background xD
Lathiira's avatar
It's those little touches that matter, like the sign on the wall, that truly make these sing.
mbill1's avatar
Maybe her hair should fall off. XD
iorel-renders's avatar
Yup you are very right, just corrected the render to make the hair fall more naturally
Thebeastwithin2's avatar
The build up is perfect. You really know how to set the scene!
iorel-renders's avatar
Thank you man, that was really the intent on this one. I really wanted to give this sense of slowly building up to the main scene instead of just.... jumping into it.
Thebeastwithin2's avatar
Yeah it's fun to see how damsels get to be damsels. Sure a scene with Tifa tied up is great, but seeing how she got there and building the tension is even better.
iorel-renders's avatar
Oh I absolutely agree with you, like.... in the end the payoff ends up being way better
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