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Tifa's Final Haven - II

Seems that our brawler got caught by surprise, and while she's fighting seems this particular fight might had been already lost.


Tifa belongs to Squaresoft and the model to Team Ninja
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ForestWolfDragon's avatar
What I would sacrifice in order to be in that guy's position.
iorel-renders's avatar
xD I mean I guess that makes two of us =p
schwarzritter's avatar
Nice wide eyed expression.
iorel-renders's avatar
thank you!! definitely that was the idea which... is kinda tricky to do xD
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gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar

You know what they say: The best surprises always sneaks up from behind! :D

iorel-renders's avatar
xDDDDD yeah definitely, though I think this is not a good surprise for her
Lord-Kamski's avatar
I wonder if the man in black is the Master of Masters...
iorel-renders's avatar
Hehehe I chose to give him some anonymity so people make such questions =p, who knows who it might be!
Lathiira's avatar
I do believe you're right. I'm enjoying this series, your kidnapper has good taste and looks menacing and cool to boot. I can't wait for him to set up Tifa in another fight she can't win with the ropes ;)
iorel-renders's avatar
Thank you glad to hear you are liking this so far, I kinda liked the menacing dark look without an actual face.... something about a faceless villain is always alluring. And yeah it will get to that at some point =p
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