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Tifa's Final Haven - I

Kudos for those who get the title =p. Anyway here's what I consider one of my most ambitious projects in a long time. Hope you enjoy =).

Seems that Tifa got a message from Cloud and she's too busy reading it to notice that someone is really close to her. What does he plan to do? what are his intentions? who knows!


Tifa belongs to Squaresoft and the model to Team Ninja
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Fun series, thanks!

ForestWolfDragon's avatar
A fine start man. :D  
schwarzritter's avatar
Insert Jaws theme here.
iorel-renders's avatar
xDDDDD pretty much hahahaha
If I may ask, is this model available somewhere? This is the dissidia version right? 
iorel-renders's avatar
Yup yup its the dissidia version its right here Tifa Lockhart
Ah thanks, gonna put her in similar situations myself. Loved the whole set, especially the ending
iorel-renders's avatar
sweet sweet thank you, glad you liked it =)
TheDiDSquid's avatar
Thanks for sharing your amazing work with all of us!
Though I do like Remake Tifa's new design, 
Classic Tifa is god tier for me,
and I'm extremely happy Team Ninja brought her glory to the current gen! <3
iorel-renders's avatar
Hehehe I am glad you like and yeah I am really happy with this particular model since its basically as faithful as you can get to the original design.... now if only they did more of the female cast xD
More Tifa DiD? And by the master himself? This is already a good week! 
iorel-renders's avatar
Awww thanks, more of that daily over the next 2 weeks give or take
mbill1's avatar
Looking forward to what's next!!!
iorel-renders's avatar
Hehe hope you will like it =)
ED3765's avatar
leave it to Cloud to distract a warrior at the worst of times :P
iorel-renders's avatar
One would think that's his superpower isn't it? xD
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