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Tropical Breeze



I loved this desktop because it shows off the bright colors in this awesome wallpaper. Pay close attention to the lyrics skin because it scrolls automatically and the Cobalt player shows off the CD Art nicely. The only mods that were made was to the drives on the bottom.

Thanks to the original designers!

Comments appreciated!

Wallpaper: [link]

CD Art / Player: [link]

Xion Skin: [link]

Weather, Date & Time: [link]

Task Bar: [link]

Equalizer: [link]

Shutdown: [link]

Lyrics (Auto Scrolling): [link]

WiFi: [link]

Mail: [link]

Drives (Modded): [link]

Recycle Bin: [link]

Rocket Dock (Clear Skin): [link]

Icons: [link]
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Everything about the is perfect, except for the huge brown Zion skin. That just killed it. But overall. Not bad my young apprentice, XD.... Much to learn you have