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Targeting The Bone Dragon Rainmeter Desktop

By ionstorm01
This desktop is set up in a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Due to numerous requests this is a posting of a.RMSKIN package of Targeting The Bone Dragon screenshot and can be found here on DA: [link]

This desktop has modded Rainmeter skins. All skins should work. I recommend that you download the complete packages of the skins used because they had to be thinned down considerably because of the file size. If you have difficulty with any one skin just download that skin from the link provided. Credit goes out to all the original designers for their hard work.

All wallpaper & fonts included in the @Resources folder inside the package. Rocketdock & icons not included.

Wall: [link]

Weather: [link]

Drives: [link]

CPU: [link]

Clock: [link]

CPU & RAM Spinners: [link]

Shutdown: [link]

Xion Audio Player: [link]

WiFi: [link]

Network: [link]

UL & DL: [link]

Targeting: [link]

Top Dock: [link]

Bottom Dock: [link]

Rocket Dock Icons: [link]
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Just my Taste. Right on the money with this one!!! Donka!

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Mempesona Bro....Very Good.

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Quick question, How would i go about getting the games tab to bring up more than just Diablo 3 and Steam, also as a side question, my weather won't actually tell me the forecast or anything, is there a specific code in there i need to edit? any help would love very helpful. Also how would i go about changing my task bar to something looking like yours, i'm very new to this and have some questions i'm dieing to ask
thank you ~ Beautiful :) 
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For those curious, credit for the wallpaper goes to Blizzard, the dragon's name is Sindragosa, and this is from the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King cinematic trailer. (…)
Plz Give Direct Link for d wallpaper....
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im new, do u have to download all of these seperate?
can you cahnge the colour as i want this to be green 
Are the circle in the middle and the little symbol in the dead center part of this or part of the wallpaper?
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It's not the wallpaper.  It's in the skin.  If you like you could replace the center with the targeting I made for my Devil May Cry skin.  It works but be warned it adds red to the skin and it may throw the look off a bit.
Here is the link:
Animated Targeting System for Rainmeter by ionstorm01

Here is the Devil may Cry skin:
Devil May Cry Animated Rainmeter Desktop by ionstorm01

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First, I love your themes, and have recommended them to my friends, and they all like them as well. Second, and the actual question, Is it possible to add extra tabs/sub-menus to the XMB, or (I believe) the top dock? I have looked through the code and the threads, and have found nothing that helps me. If I'm missing something, please let me know, and if its not possible, Thanks anyways, and thank you for taking the time to read this comment. Have a good rest of the day :-)
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Thank you for your kind words.  As far as your question goes, it would be better answered by the owner of that particular skin.  Here is his link:…

On a side note, I believe what you want can be done.  It's just simple links but you would have to increase the overall length of the skin as well as adding some extra icons of your own.  If the author of that skin will not help you then get back with me by sending me a note and I will look as the skin in more detail and I will see if I can customize it for you.

wifi link doesn't work :_

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Some of the WiFi skins require an external  USB Wifi for it to detect it.
i dont find the wallpaper
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The wallpaper in my skins will be located in the ~resources directory inside the skin.  Install the skin.  Use explorer to see the directory in the Rainmeter skins directory.
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Glad you like it!  A new skin is coming.  Stay i n touch!
Very cool job well done.
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Thank you very much!  Glad you like it!
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Thank you!  Glad you like it!
First of all credits for a wonderfull skin, you have done a great job there. Secondly i would like you to please tell me how to make CPU and RAM graphs at blue color like on your preview, because on my screen/computer the graphs appear plain white
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