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NanoSchematic Desktop for Rainmeter

This desktop is set up in a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.

This is the skin package to the screenshot: [link]

Change Log v1.1: Added Scalpi auto scrolling lyrics by Flipside. Thank you Flipslide for all your hard work!!

Just a few customs to some already modded rainmeter skins. Thanks to the original artists for their hard work.

Wallpaper: [link]

Drives (Modded): [link]

Equalizer: [link]

Weather: [link]

RAM, NET & CPU (Modded): [link]

Shutdown: [link]

WinAmp (Modded): [link]

Recycle Bin: [link]

WiFi (Modded): [link]

Lyrics (Auto Scrolling): [link]

Rocket Dock: [link]

Rocket Dock Icons: [link]
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it's working thank you!
unable to install it
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When I try to load the ini files to display on the desktop, nothing shows?
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There is a possibility that it is displaying off the screen.  This theme was designed to display on a 1920x1080 resolution.  To verify that it is running bring up your Rainmeter manager and find the drop down menu that shows the running skins.  If it is there then it is off the screen or hidden in your wallpaper as most of the elements in this skin are white.  Over 40,000 downloads worldwide and no one has ever had any difficulty with this theme.  If you continue to have problems send me a note and I will see if I can help.  GOOD LUCK!!
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how can i use in my laptop ;; 
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I don't think that you will get the full effect of the skin on a laptop.  It was designed for a 1920x1080 resolution.  Some elements will work tho.  The drive circles.  Rearrange it and let me know how it looks.  Good luck!
Hi, i would like to ask could you make all the gadget into a link or the download? So we can just 1 click to get all... sorry for bad english..
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All of my skins are FREE.  There is a download bar on each individual page.  Some of my earlier versions only had a screenshot so be sure it says "For Rainmeter" then you can be sure that you have the skin page.  Also, I have all of my skins available on a torrent site called KickAss.  All skins compressed into one file.

Here are the links:………………

If you have any questions or difficulty please let me know because I can always upload one of these for you here on DA.  ENJOY!!
Thanks for the help ionstorm! And sorry for the poor grammar and english! I love your creation alot! really appreciate!
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Glad you like them!  ENJOY!!
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this nice i love you!!Elsa Clapping 2 soft hearts 2 soft hearts 
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So happy you like it!
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That skin wasn't mine.  It's made from lots of skins like yours.  It would be a good idea to hunt down the owner and give him some credit also.  The screenshot looks pretty good!  Package it and post it.
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Thanks for letting me know. 

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This one is just, bad ~ss. I wouldn't even know where to begin on this wallpaper, with customizing it. I would never have put any single module anywhere that you did, cause I wouldn't have been able to see this picture, in my head. Nice
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Thank you dude!  Glad you like it!  It's one of my favorites.
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Thank you for packing all this together!!!!!!    [Link] +fav :happybounce: Heart 
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I'm glad you like it!
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Just so I don't keep flooding your inbox with comments all the time, would you like to know when its being used in screenshots or will a link back to this be just fine?!  I never know when using others work whether they want to know when ever it is being used in a submission!  I will always credit back to the original poster/artist!!!!!!   Thanks again for this awesome job and for your time!!!!! :D (Big Grin) Hug 
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That's great.  Yes, always credit and link back to the original designer.  Thanks again for your support.  Wanna see my newest not on DA?……
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Those are sweet!  
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