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Conjuring The Bone Dragon

The myth is that a wizard conjured the first dragon. This desktop reminds me of that HUGE mistake! Check out the tiny Mage at the bottom of the screen!

Since my first dragon post was such a huge hit I decided it was worth a follow up. A .RMSKIN package can be downloaded here on DA:

Targeting The Bone Dragon can be found here on DA:

Dragon Hunt can be found here on DA:

This desktop required modding almost all of the original skins changing the colors and adding background images. Thanks to bmf1990 [link] for his vision and artwork using his skins.

Credit goes to all the original designers for their hard work.

Wallpaper: [link]

Drives & G-Mail (Modded): [link]

Wifi (Modded): [link]

Network (Modded): [link]

Google Bar: [link]

System (Modded): [link] (This artwork made this desktop possible!)

Clock (Modded): [link]

Lyrics: [link]

CAD Player Skin called "JPS": [link]

Rocket Dock: [link]

Rocket Dock Icons:
White: [link]
Black: [link]

FAV's, credits and comments to myself and other artists appreciated!

If any one skin package fails to load, move the subfolder package out of the bone dragon folder to the main root directory. It's a variables issue. Keep in mind that I didn't create these skins. Just modified them for my own use. I am sure someone will come up with an off the wall comment about the coding so don't bother. I never intended to share these mods publicly.)

Thank You!
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Hy , I'm using this skin and I would like to add the weather too but that code beats me :D (Big Grin) Can you tell me which url do I have to write down ? Or if you could send me it , I'm living in Romania - Petrosani 
Thank you :) (Smile)
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omg.... i love it.... how did you learn to do all this?? this is so freaking B.A. ...... Dang...
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Thank you so much! That means alot to me!
Visit my gallery for more! [link]
You can learn more on the Rainmeter web site. [link]
Or the group here on DA. [link]
how did you get such a "big" distance between the icons from the rocketdock ? I downloaded it and couldnt find an option to adjust the distance between the icons.
Nevertheless, epic work
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Rocket Dock - Dock settings - Icons - Size. You can adjust them there. Easy! The dock at the top is XMB. The link is on the page. It comes spaced that way. Thanks for the comments!
by the way is there any chance to download the clean wallpaper , not the screenshot ?
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Posted the skin this week. Check here: [link] Some wallpapers were packaged in the @resources folder of the download skin.
Thanks <33333
Thanks for fast response ! Helped a lot ^^
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No problem fellow deviant!!!
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The wallpaper reminds me of Hecarim from League of Legends :p
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She is quite imposing isn't she. She will make sure you have a VERY bad day! lol
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Yup, somenthing like that :D
- Hecarim is a horse though xD
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I am a huge anime and comic fan but I haven't seen any League of Legends comics. I do know they are making a movie. Maybe Hecarim will be in it.
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You know, League of Legends is a game. Right? :b
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The champion Hecarim from League of Legends is based on a centaur. Television : A female Centaur girl appears in Wizards of Waverly Place . ... (Wikipedia).

I thought it was a character off of a DC comic or Justice League. Boy was I mistaken.

The movie I was referring to was Guardians of the Galaxy. Totally different comic universe. Marvel. DC. My Bad again. This thread is making me fee my age now. Thank you for making me feel ancient!
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Haha, okay! But try looking him up on Google, the face is identical :D
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Thank You very much!
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Tidy looks great !!!
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Glad you like it!
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its nice love it
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Yea, the mage at the bottom of the pic looks a bit out classed doesn't he? Thank you!
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