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Animated Bridge of the Peacekeeper Halcyon

By ionstorm01
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This desktop is set up in a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Change Log v1.1: Added Silver-Beast media player. Was a perfect fit for this theme! Thanks SB!

I found a few nice skins and just had to show them off! This desktop is FULLY ANIMATED! You really have to see it to appreciate it. It has two moving "Glados Despierta", from Portal 2, at the top that are awesome. They sway back and forth. One large. One Medium. The drives are modded by me and are now in four colors with multiple drives. Most panels move or flash in some way.

Packaging requests will not be honored you will have to download them from the links provided here.

This desktop has modded Rainmeter skins. All skins should work. I recommend that you download the complete packages of the skins used because they had to be thinned down considerably because of the file size. If you have difficulty with any one skin just download that skin from the link provided. Credit goes out to all the original designers for their hard work.

All wallpaper & fonts included in the @Resources folder inside the package.

Wall: [link]

Glados: [link]

Weather: [link]

Drives: [link]

CPU: [link]

CPU & RAM Spinners: [link]

WinAmp Skin: (The PERFECT CHOICE [link] ) or [link]

WiFi: [link]

Network: [link]

UL & DL: [link]

Lyrics (Auto Scrolling): [link]

Bottom Dock: [link]

Comments and FAV's appreciated!
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Could you help me design a few characters please its pretty challenging and its a big project please let me know

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This should be my PS4's home screen background 
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i need the wallpaper Pls
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to rolwhit

If you go to file explorer and go into documents, Click the rainmeter file, Click on skins, and click on the skin you want you should see a resources file click on that and you will see a file called Wallpapers click on that and you should see the wallpaper :).
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Sweet Skin!
I love it!
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Ralf Spukmann in youtube
Ehrdo Kaffstein in facebook
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cannot find wallpaper. link is down. please help
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It's included in the skin.  When you install the skin just right click on it and select the top option.  Go up on directory and you will see the wallpaper folder.  Just copy it to your wallpaper directory and make it your background.  GOOD LUCK!!
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how to apply those.. i do understand nothing..
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Find the download link on this page and download the RMSKIN file.  Make sure that you have Rainmeter installed.  It's free.  Make sure your desktop resolution is set for 1920x1080 and then install the skin.  That's all you do!  Good luck!!
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Always great skins put together by you..just wish I could use them...1600x900 screen (laptop) but I enjoy your work anyway
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Glad you like them and sorry you can't use them.  :(  It is possible but they would be a bit tight.  Some of my newest skins are now coming with auto size adjusting features.  Hope you are WATCHING!!
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Thank you!  Glad you like it!  ENJOY!!
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amzaing :D
can it be edit to suit 1366x768?
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Sure you can but all of the meters won't fit.  It was designed to fit an HD screen.  Sorry.
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will it come for 1366x768
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I am sorry but it wasn't designed for that resolution.  You can try it but you will have to realign everything and it will be cramped.  Sorry!  I do have some auto resizing skins like Blade Sidebar that will adjust to different resolutions.  New version 3.0 coming out soon.  It has over 30 different backgrounds in it.
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i have downloaded and installed your skin, but they are messy, disorganized, and the appearance doesn't look like your screenshot. i am currently use acer iconia w700 with screen resolution exactly as yours, ie 1920x1080, and rainmeter 3.1 beta. what should i do to fix this messy thing?? don't tell me to setup the position of the skins one-by-one manually, i can't do that. i want automatic solution which need only one-click.
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If you are sure that your resolution is correct then all you should have to do is reload the theme from the skin manager.  Next to your clock you should have a Rainmeter icon.  Right lick on it and select manage.  On the second tab or the manager are your themes.  Find the Animated Bridge theme and reload it.  That should do it!  Enjoy!!
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Glad you like it!
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yep i like it very much but i want to run music player by wmp
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