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Strawberry Hat

By ionshu
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If you see this image on Tumblr, or any other photo site...
Could you PLEASE have the poster give me credit for this?
I went through HELL to be able to get this photo and it's just rude that people aren't giving me the proper credit.
Thank you.-
I ONLY have this picture on DA.
Unless the person is named Ionshu or hedgiehairdresser, THEY ARE THIEVES AND ARE LYING. So please contact me.-
My hedgehog and his strawberry hat!
His name was Ratclaw.
He was an Algerian Gray hedgie...
R.I.P 2/9/11
I had him for nearly 5 years.

I miss everything about him...

The times at 3am when you would scream at me to turn off the light.
The times I got home from school to find you trapped in a toilet paper roll.
The times I would walk in the door to find you waddling up to greet me.
The times when I was most tired and you chose to run in your squeaky wheel.
The times I would put you in the bathtub to prepare you for a bath and you screamed at me because there was no water in it yet.

Everything about you.
I miss you so much. I would give ANYTHING to have you back.

The week before you died I had prepared myself. I put on a brave face and told people: "Yeah it's no big deal i'll just get a new hedgehog" hoping that I could just carry on after you left me... when in fact I cried for two weeks just THINKING about you. I was sent home by my teacher because I couldn't stop crying. I loved you. More then I've loved most people.

I don't think anyone knows just how much I suffered after you abandoned me.
A silly little animal caused me so much pain...

...But you were worth it.
I'll never forget you.
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Am not depressed
>RIP Ratclaw
and now I am depressed again
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Mother of freaking God. It's so cute!

And I'm so sorry that he died. He's in a better place now. His days were filled with happiness because you were his owner, I'm sure of it :meow:
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A beautiful photo of a beautiful little hedgie. I'm so sorry for your loss. Our dog went missing last year and I wish I had him back. Don't worry though, know you'll see him again one day and he's watching ur every move and know he still loves you.
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Sorry... R.I.P Ratclaw. ='(
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Strawberry hat is best hat.

And I know what it's like to lose a Hedgie :hug:
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I'm sorry for your loss, but I feel I need to inform you hedgehogs are NOT rodents.
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Did I ever say they were? I am indeed aware they are not, the only reason I was ever allowed to own them as a child, since I successfully proved to my parents that they weren't.

I just checked, indeed I did, the term "silly little rodent" is there because when he died, my mother 'cheered me up' by calling him "silly rodent" whenever his picture showed up...

So yes, I am aware...^^"
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This has to be the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. I'm sorry for your loss...I hope time has healed your pain and left you with nothing but good memories :heart:
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<3 Thank you so much!
I appreciate it a lot. <3
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My sympathies. I was (and still am) the same way about my Ezra (dog). Pets, you love them more than you ever realize.
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RIP little guy. people miss you terribly.
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<3 Thank you for your sympathy.
He was a sweet hedgie.
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aww X( I know what it is like to loose a pet you love so dearly!.... He is really cute though ^^
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<3 Aww, yeah, we have lots of pets, and it's fun, until they die, then you remember how short of time you have to spend with them.
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Yeah.... I know what you mean ^^
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aw that story made me tear up. love the picture :D
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<3 Aww, sorry you teared up! I still cry thinking about him.
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lol, i just know I had a pet like that too, so i get how you feel.
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XD He was the best hedgie I ever had.
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I want one so badly, but I'm off to college very soon, and wouldn't be able to devote enough time to it. And they JUST made owning them as pets legal in my state. Ah! I WANT ONE!
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Yeah that's the problem i'm having, Ratclaw died at an awkward time...cause i'm leaving to the UK soon and I can't get a hedgehog over there so I wouldn't be able to own it for very long before I left. >.<

I love it, every province except ONE in Canada allows them.
<3 They're my favourite.
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