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Potemkin: Crowe - First Pass

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First pass on Crowe's suit. Not sure if I'm going to do another pass or not, might tweak this one. Time will tell. The game is from a first person view, so you wouldn't really be seeing much of him.

Will probably do a suitless version in the future.

Copyright belongs to Hailstorm Games INC and such.
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Dom666ism's avatar
wicked! and i hope you do a suitless one soon. :D
archvermin's avatar
Oh man you've got a new project, I've been missing out some cool updates

And I don't think I've seen another artist skilled in blue light the way you do :)
ionen's avatar
Haha thanks. Must be because I use it all the time.

How have things been treating you?
archvermin's avatar
Busy as hell with full-time job and don't have as much time to draw, but seeing as I still have the spare moments to upload semi-porn to the internet, I'd say things have been treating me just fine :)

Just feel slow with lots of catch-ups to read. Games, artbooks releases, I've been missing out on all of them
CrashLegacy's avatar
....I don't see a single pouch.

I know, "wtf? that's what you've got to say?" But beyond the little tubes on the belt there doesn't look to be anywhere for Crowe to stow anything and as such it ends up hurting the utilitarian appearance of the outfit. how about adding a pouch/cargo pocket on the upper arm, thighs (not just the side of the thighs like cargo pants, but the front of the leg would be a good place too), and along the hips. it'd be interesting to see someone sling a carry bag or bandoleer over their suit so they'd have ample storage space.

Now don't get me wrong, the design is awesome, even if you do slink a bit too close to "dead space" here and there. ( that strip on the bicep scream it the most btw, a larger plate there -or an aforementioned pouch- would help drive you away from the repeating strips of plating.) The helmet design is unique enough, though the visor doesn't 'pop' enough from the rest of the helmet (make the visor more reflective or something).
The torso and head looks absolutely remarkable, and I dig that front mounted oxygen pack.

Side note: In your space sections I hope you get an even better(more realistic) sense of Zero G. limited O2 supply would be awesome. also, a chance for 'encounters' to damage your suit/tank so you'd be loosing air at a more brisk rate.
ionen's avatar
I see the point with the pouches, although the suits aren't really meant for much other than short-term spacewalks. I think regardless of what I design it'll have some resemblance to Dead Space, unless it's a white astronaut suit. Over 4+ games and 2 animated movies they've covered pretty much everything.
CrashLegacy's avatar
kinda the same way with Halo. granted there's iconic core halo armor designs, but the permutations in Halo 3 and on have pretty much blow open the design possibilities for what a spartan can be done up in.
VanessaFardoe's avatar
You put an amazing amount of detail. Awesome job
Bekurah-Toshin's avatar
ISAAC!! :la: Oh wait... wow, I totally thought it was Dead Space fanart in the thumbnail. lol xD It's freaking fantastic! I love the style and color scheme a lot. I especially love the way you've shaded the image. Nicely done. :clap:
dessinateurimpulsif's avatar
hips seems a bit down but the result is very great....
Very cool, it gives me the impression that this suit was repurposed from its originally designed use to the new requirements that your character needs it for, who knows maybe that original purpose will be useful in the future. The glowing accents are a nice touch, I tried walking in completely black space, and just being able to see my movements was comforting because sometimes I had no idea where my hand was, the lights helped. This suit also gives me the feeling that this is the guy who gets the work done in all enviroments. Overall I like it alot, can't wait to start seeing gameplay footage. Oh, are you on IndieDB, if so where?
ionen's avatar
Thanks. Not on IndieDB yet, but will be soon.
Also to ensure the suit is seen you could have it show up in reflective surfaces and cutscenes.
skuad's avatar
nice pic, i like how you make the reflect light that pretty awesome
SpectorKnight's avatar
Pretty gritty and functional looking.
TD-Vice's avatar
The vibe is too Dead-Space-ish, in my opinion, down to the color scheme present in the suits present in DS 2.

Overall pretty good, but personally, what offsets me is that there is too many small details and not a single massive unifying theme to the suit? Like, if you look at the first Dead Space, the theme were big, horizontal metal strips on the armor, on arms, legs and everywhere else, that created an affect of a solidly designed suit. Here it tryies to be everything at once, but without this redline running through the design.

I'd advice you to find this gimmick, and then wrap the rest of the design around it, hope it helps!
ionen's avatar
I honestly don't really agree, but a few others seem to agree with you. A few locations of armor are pretty similar, and the colors are similar to one suit (maybe). Dead Space 2 is one of my favorite games, and I've studied the style of Dead Space a lot. I'm also a bit tempered with though. On Aphelion I had 20 people saying I was ripping off Naruto just because a character had pink hair.

The gimmick is that the air tank is on the front and middle of the suit and most of the design is wrapped around that element. It's not supposed to be overly detailed, it's a simple unarmored suit not meant for combat. The plating is there to prevent accidental ruptures when bumping into things. I'll hear out any suggestions you may have for tweaking it though. :)
TD-Vice's avatar
Hey man, I'm not saying vibes is a bad thing, I'd be the last person to rip on that, just wanted to point out that if youre influenced by something, it's best to borrow the strongest stuff out there.

But it IS overdetailed, like theres so many elements to the suit, the eye doesnt focus on anything. IMO, when you have that level of detail, it's best to implement a pattern to the design.

I can't explain too good, I made sort of a rough overpaint on how I'd utilize the interesting design elements and weave it into the suits wholesom design. Not saying you should do the exact same shit, but maybe it will help ya.
ionen's avatar
Thanks for doing the draw-over. I do see what you mean.
TD-Vice's avatar
No problem, hope it helps)
ewiskan's avatar
Wow,, very nice work !
LukeWH's avatar
That looks like the alien from Battleship.
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