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Classy Applejack

By iojknmiojknm
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You shouldn't be drinking your own stock to sell it!

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Blue eyes? Is she hypnotized?

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She looks very cute, sexy, gorgeous and elegant; great work. :heart:

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First time I saw this image, I almost mistook AJ for Bowsette.

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I agree. Her eyes aren't green enough. Too close to blue. Maybe it was meant to be Bowsette before they changed their mind.

That's AJ?... Wow she looks gorgeous
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You made Applejack look like Yang from RWBY.

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Someone's been hitting the Apple Cider a little too hard.

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Take it easy AJ ^^
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Applejack looks really gorgeous in that dress 😍

I bet that guy is Filthy Rich.

I ship them.

Filthyjack is a weird ship but I like the humble cowgirl and the millionaire.

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at first i thought she was a female version of Katsuki Bakugo

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Not sure whether or not that’s good or bad in this scenario.

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invitingly sexy and gorgeously bouncy

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Oh my, you are just as beautiful as beautiful as ever. Oh look, now I am stuttering too, that is how much I love you.

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Good alternative look.

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Hnnng tomboy farm girl

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She looks sexy. What is she drinking?
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That dress sure suits her! :love:

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