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The cards so far

I'm almost done with the whole critical role deck, phew only 7 to go !

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woow i really like your designs, would you mind if i use some of them ??
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use as if in your own private game? you can't use them for commercial use because they are copyrighted 
actually im a beginner in mobile apps and i would like to create a free game for kids and im not allowed to put links but i can mention your name if this is ok with u?
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I'm afraid you can't use my work for apps or games 
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Looking great. If you ever decide to put these on etsy then I can think of a few people I'd get these for :)
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there will be an official announcement soon 
Beautiful!  Perhaps you could team up with Critical Role and get decks printed as merch?  Critical Role emblem on the back? 
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stay tuned for any official announcement on the matter :happybounce: 
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Just saw the video they uploaded about this! Congrats!!!
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These would make an amazing Deck of Many Things.Great Work!
Just love these!
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The cards look amazing! I cannot wait to see how they all look at the end!
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Brilliant work. I really hope we'll be able to buy a deck of these at some point.
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I saw the first 2 and I thought this was some Overwatch fanart xD
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Your card series looks amazing. :) I am looking forward to the other 7 cards. 
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