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'Well at least we still have our tennis and soccer evenings.'

Hey, did anyone notice the lack of Super Mario comics in my gallery? Well I soon changed that!
I never quite understood Mario and Bowser's relationship outside of princess capturing. Maybe you get discount at the race track when you book in bulk, and Mario just has a very limited number of friends.

Awful pun title is really horrendous.
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I feel Dr. Eggman could relate to Bowser. Both are typically the main antagonist role in their respective universes, and both sometimes goes along with the main protagonists in their own universes. Though, in Eggman's case, he fights alongside Sonic and friends when they both have a common enemy to face. And rather than making it worse for each other to take down the common enemy they have, it's much smarter to have a temporary truce to join together their power to take down their common foe (Or in Sonic Advance 3's case, having Eggman allow Super Sonic to use him as a projectile). And since he has such a massive IQ (even though he makes dumb mistakes due to his hasty moves. Or, how the robot companion Eggman has in Sonic Unleashed puts it: "Ergo, another repercussion of your hasty actions!" Which that robot enjoys seeing his creator suffer, it's hilarious really how much that robot enjoys Eggman's suffering. That robot says the word "Ergo" so much, that some fans like to call him "Ergo") Eggman knows it's smarter to fight alongside the heroes to face the foe they both have in common for their own reasons. But in Bowser's case, he goes along with Mario and the others when he's invited to Mario Kart races, sports games, and in Super Mario Party's case, being invited to play gigantic boardgames with each other. Honestly, I have this headcanon that Bowser, Mario, Peach, and sometimes Luigi, have some sort of an agreement amongst each other we never see talked about, that because Bowser loves Peach, but the kingdom would be in utter chaos by panicking civilians if the two actually got together (because Bowser is guilty of the curse that turned the people of the Mushroom Kingdom into blocks in SMB1, that only Peach could undo), the group has an agreement to allow Bowser to take Peach, and then, to cover-up the scenario as a mere act of evil by Bowser, avoiding a panic attack of the people of the two getting together, and to further hide that act's truth, they have Mario, and sometimes also Luigi, to go rescue the princess afterwards, further hiding this is all an act to avoid chaos in the Mushroom Kingdom, of allowing Peach and Bowser to spend time together. As we've seen in countless Mario games where Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser, she is never in any true harm's way while kidnapped, as, every time she's been rescued, she has never been harmed and is just waiting there for Mario to rescue her. If Bowser truly was evil, and wanted Peach's love so badly, she'd be roughed-up by force, since lately Bowser acts on brawn rather than intellect, despite him being canonically a powerful mage. But no, Bowser did nothing to her. The worst he's done to her physically is to lock-up Peach in a cage. Dunno what's the deal with Mario 64 though, as Peach was sealed, somewhere, and it's only after collecting the Power Star Bowser drops at the final battle, that Peach appears, freed from being sealed. btw, if anyone is planning to leave negative comments as a reply to this insanely long comment, please refrain from doing so, I don't need to have any more emotional suffering than I already face every day of my regrets in life that I have to bare this burden alone, and stay strong, for those who matter to me