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Didn't finish a comic in time
Instead, have a stupid picture

So obviously a take on CD-i Link
I only intended to make this: :iconweskercantwaitplz: in response to ~Klein01's :iconweskermahboiplz:: the result of a rather interesting MSN conversation.
Then I got carried away.

I felt I had to draw something Resi related to feed my currently unhealthy addiction, but I've found there are already people who have done that for me

and oh joy, another beige background
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To him, this is like winning the lottery. XD Giggle Nice! :D (Big Grin) 
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He looks like he's off to preschool
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This is the happiest I've ever seen Wesker.

And it's kind of disturbing.
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....Is it wrong that I can't....stop....laughing?

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You're not alone...:iconhurrplz:
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Thanks for accepting
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xDDDD Is Wesker starting a show like "X-Faktor"? xDDD
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Isn't Out of characterness just oh so wonderful
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This was Wesker's reaction when he was announced for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

True story.
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nice, at least he's happy about it lol ^^
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I Lol-ed. Like, for real
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I love it!!He is so CUTE!! XDDDDDDD
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hahah omg. i remember seeing this on a yiff site. best picture ever!
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Weskers inner self is finally coming out xD. Nice one :D
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lolol "Come on here chris! :D" xD
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