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This is what happens when you let 10 year olds make decisions.

Seriously, why did none of the trainers take the initiative and try and catch Snorlax while it was asleep? They spend most of their time trying to incapacitate pokemon, but when they find one where the jobs been done for them, they're all "Oooohno MUST FIND A POKEFLUTE."

I had issues with this comic because it swung from too subtle to literally just writing down the joke. And then I came up with a much better comic with the same joke after I'd finished it. Godammit brain, if you're going to be a jerk I'm going to stop working with you.

Watch this space for a potential part 2 (because I seem to do that with pokemon)! I'm away for a week but I'll try to actually update in a decent timeframe and not, say, a month.

And has anyone noticed how I only seem to have second evolutions?
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Parents ate dumb coz this is the decisions their 10 year old children make and let them explore the world with no adult supervision AT ALL and are fine with it