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Dec 30 2017 Stream- The General's Seer AU by InYuJi Dec 30 2017 Stream- The General's Seer AU by InYuJi

Really LATE sketches from last Saturday’s stream. This is the last one I’m doing until I get another break from school. Thanks to every1 who came.


I had the urge to draw more of that AU where cannon General Toffee meets RoamÏr Eli. 
Gosh I’ve gotten so many ideas for this AU & other weeby AU Crossover stories. Yet so little time & I really want to work on “Blue Fire.” 

These events take place a few months before Toffee attempt a coup & murder Queen Comet Butterfly. Eli didn’t come here on her own; she didn’t have a choice due to some really unfavorable circumstances stacked against her. 

For those familiar with my AU art of Tovloroq/Toffee & Eli will spot obvious differences with RoamÏr Eli here. Eli had trouble with her finicky RoamÏr powers, and the events in the first AU diverge drastically ever since season 2 & 3 came out. Where Eli was raised by both parents for a while on Mewni, RoamÏr Eli was taken away from Mewni to the safe-haven for RoamÏr , due to a death omen. This is why RoamÏr Eli has a stronger grasp on her clairvoyance & seer abilities, which Toffee grudgingly finds useful. RoamÏr children grow into maturity when they grow their 2nd pair of arms, & are old enough to go explore with a caravan. 

Eli’s sudde arrival & the actions she takes will alter the course of events, where peace is a higher probability for Mewni. I’ve mentioned in past sketches of this AU, general Toffee did NOT like her at first. For these reasons:
1) Eli practically crash-landed right in the middle of his army’s campsite, and performed a terrifying display of power by destroying some hideous insectoid that had been hiding in her escape pod. She passed out promptly after that.
2) She was unfazed of the threats of dying and welcomed it. Toffee kept her alive as a prisoner just out of spite.
3) A little while he found out that her father was a Mewman, and immediately she went on his “loathe” list just for that fact, despite having a RoamÏr mother.
4) Irritated with how cordial she is with other monsters, and often telling them their fortunes or giving tips (avoiding danger, finding food, future events). In other words she has effortlessly AND obliviously gotten every monster wrapped around her finger.

The 2nd batch occurs when Eli was getting ready to leave.She rested over a month & Toffee finds no reason to imprison her, so it’s no loss for him. When Eli is escorted by a monster to find the right spot for portal-casting, they were ambushed by Mewman soldiers. The monster was injured & already on the ground. Eli urges them to leave the monster alone since it’s already quite dead (hoping that he catches on and plays “dead”), & quietly lets them escort her to the kingdom. The wounded monster manages to sneak back to camp & explains how Eli had managed to save him. In fact, Eli had predicted on the spot that an arrow would’ve shot his heart, so she shoved him back. Most of the monsters are a bit worried. Eli is languishing in the castle walls. 

Due to the circumstances of her birth and events before landing on Mewni, Eli is wrought with pain once she steps foot within the kingdom’s boundaries. Eli is already a suspicious stranger so she’s kept in the dungeons until further actions are considered. Eli prefers to accept her death here and now, due to events that preceded before crash-landing on Mewni. Toffee pretends not to be bothered, but sends a goblin scout to check on Eli. Toffee gets more disturbed with each report, that he launches a covert rescue at night. During that time, Moon Butterfly is more distressed at Eli’s situation that she breaks Eli out. Thankfully, Toffee was able to find Eli in time, though they nearly avoided anymore confrontation when both parties ran into each other. Toffee wasn’t fond of Eli at first, but his reasons of disliking were mostly petty and he couldn’t find any reason to truly hate her, let alone leave her with his most hated enemies. He managed to resist killing Moon on the spot since he realized she was the reason he could find Eli a lot easier and faster than he expected.

Ever since then, Eli is no longer treated as a prisoner, though Toffee isn’t sure what to do with her. Eli was able to recover immediately once she was taken out of Mewman borders. Because she was weakened & missed the timing to perform a portal-casting, she has to recharge and wait again. During that time, Eli occupies herself with playing with some of the monster children or spending time with some of the mothers or women. Monsters find it easier to come to her openly to get their fortune told or for advice (they had to sneak into Eli’s tent when she was still prisoner, not wanting to get caught by Toffee). Toffee finds her clairvoyance a big help whenever they need help scavenging or hunting, or confronting or avoiding danger. Eli will eventually decide to not go to safe-haven and stick around with her new monster friends.

The third batch is a scene where Eli & Toffee try to talk to the Monster King into thinking twice of signing a peace treaty without truly thinking about the consequences the monsters would face. Toffee hates the terms & conditions of the “peace” treaty, but the king is tired of the fighting & countless deaths and losses of his people. Eli sees that he’s tied down by fear, so she shares a secret about why she never stayed on Mewni after her birth. Her mother foresaw that Eli would live a troubled life and endure hardships, and ultimately die young before ever getting her chance to live fully. This omen was ingrained into her since childhood, so she was always wary of ever visiting Mewni, her birth place, let alone seeing her father. Now, Eli was sent here against her will, and experience a few brushes with death. Despite this Eli, is determined to help her fellow monsters gain freedom and peace to live fully, while she’s still living and breathing. The monster king is rather moved and inspired that Eli is willing to stake her life of helping monster she never knew before, despite her fear and brushes with death. The king is able to talk Queen Comet into re-writing the peace treaty that both kingdoms can accept. Toffee is rather gob-smacked that Eli was able to achieve what he always thought was impossible; a non-violent approach to obtaining peace. He still can’t believe that Eli is willing to stay on Mewni to help, despite having a death omen looming over her. 

The last batch is merely Eli being freely herself; playing with children, fortune-telling, and occasionally dancing. The dances and songs she performs are rituals for protection wards, blessings, or growing fruits and crops when the conditions are right. Toffee has the unfortunate luck of waking up and bumping right into an apple tree bright and early in the morning haha. After the peace treaty was enacted, Moon will occasionally visit the outskirts of the monster territory where Eli usually resides or helps out just to talk to Eli and to try and understand more about monsters, since she feels it’s her duty to observe it now and in the future as a queen. 

Toffee’s first interaction with Eli wasn’t the warmest, but Eli remembers HER first time when they were mere children. In the RoamÏr safe-haven, there’s a pool that allows adult RoamÏr to observe other dimensions. Eli snuck in and peered into it to observe Mewni. She was rather distressed with a lot of things that happened. Before being able to look into her father, she noticed a young lizard crying out for his mother in his sleep. She was drawn to him that she unintentionally crossed over into his dream. In the dreamscape, Eli was able to comfort Toffee, despite his initial hostility (fear of Mewmans and Eli looked just like one) towards her. They simply stayed nearby and Eli managed to talk and help Toffee cope with the recent loss of his mother. They find a common ground in never knowing or meeting their fathers. Toffee was slowly beginning to see that despite being half-Mewman, Eli was a kind child.  But Eli was caught by the elders and pulled out from the dreamscape. They also sealed away Toffee’s memory of this dream. Eli’s rather sad about how Toffee turned out, but understands that she can’t blame him. She just wishes that he remembered her and the little seeds of kindness that could’ve grown in Toffee.

Phew, I’m done talking now haha. 

I only own Eli. Everyone else is Daron Nefcy & Disney

eepbabaderrkelson Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018
Nice! Love this character, so stoic and kind.
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