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Ooh. So I started making stamps. Yes, even though I do not have a D.A. subscription. But I thought it would still me fun since others could use them then. I'm still practicing of course and don't really know what I am doing, but that's half the fun! So enjoy.

And I've hit 20, 000 pageviews. *woot* I'm glad people love checking out my art. Hopefully I can reach 30, 000 now! It could be possible :P
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Wowy... 'tis been forever no? I bet I've lost a lot if not all my regular followers! Well two reasons why I was on hiatus.

1. The reason I gave last journal entry - artist block
2. I've spent the last five months literally lying down due to a relapse in my Crohn's disease. I'm almost better now, hence I am able to finally go on the computer.

Anyways, I've started working on junk again. Who knows what I'll upload in the next while. Thanks for listening <3
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Title basically says it all. I still check on D.A. every once in awhile but not like I did before. My art has drifted from computer graphics to different mediums. Back to my roots so to speak, mosttly three-dimentional works. So I'm not sure of my future on D.A., I was never really that good at making computer graphics anyways :P Maybe I'll post some of my sculptures and some of my art that has been in art shows (I don't think anyone will "get" those pieces though! haha, hence why I never uploaded them) Who knows what the months to come will bring!

And I would like to say thanks to all my fans and followers, love ya guys ;D
woot* So I finally uploaded some new art. It's a photo manip called "inferno", hope you can check it out ;P <sub>
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  • Listening to: The Killers
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Holy lack of art batman!

Er... yes, I know. It's been what? months? *shrugs* I did actually start on that portfolio site though (see previous jounral for a bit more info). I got a new computer -finally- so I haven't put any of the graphic programs on yet, the disks are sitting right beside me but eehhhhh, I don't want to install them right away. I'm lazy and have WAY to many projects due. Actually I have 2 major ones due this week, wednesday & thursday. I should be doing those right now but I don't wanna. Note to all kids entering university.... DON'T BE LIKE ME! WORK ON PROJECTS EARLY! haha o_0

I've actually started to draw again, I remember why I stopped... I kinda suck :P But I want to upload SOMETHING. Maybe I'll do that. heyo!

Ummmmerrsss.... well thats about it my dears....tata

P.S. Geez, I'm such a "..." whore. I abuse it WAY to much!
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So, I really wanna get back to making icons/wallpapers and such. But when I use pictures of celebrities or movie, (*cough* Twilight) well you know what happens on D.A. So I thought of I could create a little webpage through freewebs or something that I could post all the past icons/wallpapers and everyone could enjoy them!

What do you guys think? Do you want something like that?

And oh yes!... I'm working on a new wallpaper. It would be stupid to post it on D.A. for obvious reasons but I'll give everyone the link if they want it when I'm done!
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yay* for my "Be Safe" Wallpaper being taken down! Someone reported it. So fun! :D


Yeah, that was sarcasm people. Bah, like people have something better to do that report to D.A. Oh well though. Can't cry over spilt milk right? :P

My art page is looking pretty sad lately. haha. I guess D.A. doesn't hold the same "fun" level as it use to. Maybe I'll get inspritation somewheres. I've been working on a few non-psp art projects. A painting and a collage. I'll probably load a few WIP pieces soon.
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So apparently some crazy spam/hacking thing is going around D.A., the message is posted on your comment section on your main page and will say SOMETHING like...

"Someone wrote something about you on their blog (click here)"
"LOL You should check this out, it's hilarious! (click here)"
"Check out this IQ Test, (click here)"

I've recieved it 6 times already from random people who I know on D.A. I clicked on it once and nothing happened, my computer blocked w/e was happening. So if you clicked the links it's advised you change your DA password ASAP. And hide the messages on your page so other people don't get suckered in.
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woah, holy lack of art batman! haha, yes I know. No art from me lately. How very uncool. Artist block maybe? Who knows. I'm up to my eyeball in uni work that't done. My bad. I have a project in Environmental geography thats due in a week (I think) that I haven't started, a report on a book about 'water wars' in Canada, an assignment dealing with census tracts and CMAs, not to mention 40 billion chapters to read. Oh woe is me, I promise myself every year that I'm going to work on my junk earlier, but *alas* It never happens. And now I'm writing a pointless blog on D.A. instead of making flash cards for my classes. I'll try and upload something that isn't crap in a bit. I hope!
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Well my computer was finally wiped and then restored. *woot* I've re-installed my paint shop pro, I'm working on those movies quotes I promised I'd do! *double woot* so you'll see those soon :D
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Already, news first. I still have wiped my computer and am using my bro's laptop, which kinda sucks since it doesn't have any of my photo editing program and other equally fun and useful junk. So for now I can only do basic stuff, aka: no uploading new art. *sadness* I i will be fixing this problem soon I hope :D

Alrighty! On to the tagged part of this journal.

I was tagged by: :iconkaissie55555:

OK, here's how to do it:
1] Post these rules.
2] Each tagged person should post 8 facts of themselves.
3] Tagged people should write a journalblog about these facts.
4] In the end tag and name 8 people.
5] Go to their dA pages and comment saying that they are tagged.

It begins....

1)I've never tasted any sort of alcohol, ever, yeah, I know, I'm weird
2)I'm 19 and don't have my license.... yes, feel free to make fun of me now.
3)I don't own a single pair of jeans
4)I dislike cake and pie. Nasty dessert! XD
5)I have crohn's disease of the large intestine
6)I'm 5'10''
7)I wear size 11-11.5 in shoes :P
8)I've changed my university major 3 times

I will TAG:
ANYONE who wants to do this! Haha, I'm kinda lazy and don't feel like choosing 8 people. So have fun everyone!
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Ok, so, I'll be taking a really short hiatus. My computer is screwed up for some reason, I suspect a virus. (Curse you Shaw Anti-virus, you suck). I'm going to wipe my computer probably tommorow, so that means like HOURS reinstalling all my crap I have on here. *sighness*

So I'm going to me gone for a few days. I'll try to answer your messages as soon as I can. Thanks for listening! Be back soon :D
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For my Twilight Fan Viewers...

November 20th 2009 is currently the official date for the release of New Moon! *yay* And some exciting news for us Canadians. New Moon is going to be filmed In Vancouver, British Columbia :D I guess its because its a hell of a lot cheaper to film in Canada. B.C. is also very rainy and is mostly forest, so its a good location ;P I remeber awhile ago when it was announced that New Moon would be filmed in Canada I was excited, then automatically reality set in. Wouldn't be where I live! haha *sigh* Damn prairies with your no trees and drought. Lucky you West coasters! *jealous*

Some more details: The budget will be roughly $50 million. Kinda low considering all the special effects, travel locations, increased actor paychecks (Kristen and Rob will be getting $12 million each) and whatnot. And as most of you know, Catherine Hardwich won't be directing this one. An offer was given to Chris Weitz (Best known for The Golden Compass and American pie) but nothing is set in stone yet.

Also Taylor Launter's (Jacob) future is questionable, rumours around hollywood have sprouted that he will be replaced for he doesn't "physically represent jacob well enough". Summit won't confirm or deny this, not until a new film director is hired. I highly doubt they will replace him though, who effing cares if he isn't tall enough? or not muscular enough? Jeez... what a lame excuse. I like him. I was really put off on how people complain about the actors looks... I mean was it really necassary to make Kristen Stewart wear brown eyed contacts so she looked exactly like Bella? pfft, seems silly.

Anywho, hope all these details serve you well!
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I finally re-did my "Funny Twilight Series Quotes" Icons. *yay* for me. I finally did something productive! I like my re-design of the icons a lot more ^_^ I basically started from scratch, I think it turned out pretty good :)

In the near future I plan of making "Funny Twilight Movie Quotes", I thought that would be a fin idea, no? haha. I really loved new funny quotes that were in the movie that weren't in the book. So look forward to that! Well I better be going. Bye my lovelys!
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Since 90% of my watchers are Twilight fans, thought I'd post a little review of the movie. There are NO major plot spoilers in this review, so you can read it even if you haven't seen it yet.

Wow! I was super impressed with the movie. I have to saw it was very true to the book! No crazy plot twists or anything.

The Bad: Some scenes were supppeerrr melodramatic and some of the special effects were really cheesy (like the running through the forest as scene in the trailers). The movie was a little choppy, jumping from scene to scene. Like some scenes were reaaally short and automatically moved right into another scene with no real segway. They also cut some scenes seen in the trailers, one major one actually, try to see if you know what it is

The Good: The acting was really good! Better than I expected, I loved the "Bad" Vampires, so awesome! I was really impressed on how well they adapated the movie from the book, impressive. Of course they changed some scenes/added stuff but all-in-all it was really good!

Humour: The movie was actually pretty funny! A lot of the funny scenes in the movie were dialouge not seen in the books. Actually the most hilarious scenes were meant to be completely serious. The first biology scene made the entire audience laugh of loud, probably not the effect the movie makers were going for, but it was good. And basically any time Jasper came on the screen the entire audience laughed. You'll find yourself chuckling a lot! :P

Favourite Movie Moment(s): The Baseball scene was really great! mY favourite part in the movie.And also the end! I thought the end of the movie was better than the book ending! woah, I know right? It was a really really good!

Rating: I give it an "A-" It was soooo much better than I expected! really great film, of course it can't compare to the books but its awesome! I was SSOOO worried that it was going to suck, and I read all these bad reviews so I went into the theatre thinking I was going to be really dissaopinted. But I was pleasently surprised on the quality of the movie So if you haven't seen it, go watch it! If you look at the movie as a whole and not disect it to much, you'll probably like it too!
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Yeah this is a random journal with a bunch of stuff I'm going to talk about.

1. New Icon! I know...tis been for *bleeping* ever, it's not that creative, but better than nothing I suppose... lol

2. Re-doing my most popular deviantion "Funny Twilight Saga Quotes" in the near future, adding some more *claps* It gets more and more hits everyday and it makes me smile :) it's had over 5000 views, lol I consider that a lot, maybe not for others, but for me!

3. I'll be talking a tiny break, I have a 2500 word essat due in less than a week in a class I know nothing about... I should probably get started on it no? Considering it's worth 30% of my grade... o.0 Then I have University finals, *yay* sarcasm anyone? All Geography classes.... yeesh*

4. Twilight Movie out tommorow! I'm so excited!! I'm going at thr 7:00pm show, my best friend got me premiere tickets for my b-day :) so nice! I'll be posting a little review. I WON'T reveal any spoilers, or i'll try not too. Well it's not like we don't know whats going to happen right? haha

Ok, I think thats it... I talk a lot :P haha. Ok, I'll be going now. Thanks for listening to my random chatter!
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*whhee* 10 000 pagesviews. coolness :D Thanks to all my lovely watchers out there ;P

Well thats all I really had to say. I'm just working on an essay right now, after that, look forward to some new art!
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Happy Rememberance Day everyone. Thought I'd just share the uber famous poem about WWI. Most of you (Canadians at least) know this work

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

— Lt.-Col. John McCrae
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15+ minutes of behind the scenes for the Twilight movie. Brand new scenes as well! Dear God, so much stuff to watch! I've basically ruined the movie watching all these clips but I cannot help myself! So I thought I'd share because they made be so happy! There have been so many clips I haven't posted links for. Like there is 9 TV spots now. Holy moly right? Anywho... clips...

Part 1:…
Part 2:…


And it's FINALLY snowing where I live! First snow of the fall... and it's really coming down.. Tee hee. I love snow... I had to add my winter excitment to this journal.
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I've started on new stock art right now *yay* lol... I know it's been forever since I've uploaded something. Been working on essays lately. Actually I'm "working" on an essay right now. Canadian Arctic Sovereignty. *claps* I find it really interesting actually. I've come across SSOOO many books about USA politicans complaing that the Northwest Passage shouldn't be considered Canadian waters. Mwahaha but it is! lol sorry... I get all worked up about international politics and disputes. I'll shut up about that now. I talk waaayyy to much

'Tis my birthday as well :) *double yay* officially 19. For some reason my b-day on DA is listed as July 1st, not november 8th... I have no idea how that happened....haha. I can legally drink in Saskatchewan now! haha... well it's not like I ever actually drink. But I can go to bars now if I want... again, it's not like I actually want to go to a bar. But I can. Makes me feel special. :P Ok, I better go work on my essay. ta ta my lovelys