Life Update + Commissions!
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Hey All,

It's been well a year since my last journal entry, but since I've been posting artwork again, I figured it was time to update you all with some words, too. :)

First of all, some life stuff: I'm in grad school now. This definitely is taking up the majority of my time, but it's also something I love doing and I'm passionate about. Fortunately, I can still do pixel art and other artwork whenever I have free time. It's a great way to unwind after a stressful week of classes.

Secondly, I've begun live streaming on Twitch again, doing some pixel art and also playing  indie games. If that sounds like something you'd like to watch, you can tune in to my channel:

:bulletpurple: :bulletpurple:

Also, I wanted to address a persistent question that keeps coming up: no, I'm not doing any more work on Pokemon Uranium. The project is complete as far as I'm concerned. So, please don't send me bug reports or asking me where you can download the game or anything like that. Any new artwork I do (ie. fakemon sprites) won't be for Pokemon Uranium. Aotius and Mutios were the last sprites that I will make for the game.

As for new projects... with school keeping me busy I'm not really looking to take on any new game projects at the moment. But I'm not ruling out the possibility entirely. One thing's for sure is that I won't be doing any more fan games... so please, please don't ask me if I'll sprite for yours.

On the other hand...

Bullet; Green Commissions Bullet; Green 

Since I'm back at school and money is a little tight at the moment, I'm reopening pixel art commissions so that I can get back in the groove of making art on a regular basis. These will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. I will open up a number of slots and close commissions when they are filled.

I can make (and greatly enjoy making):
Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Orange Monsters
Bullet; Yellow Anthros
Bullet; Green Icons

I can also do (but enjoy less and thus charge more):
Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Purple Scenery / tiles
Bullet; Black Animation

I charge hourly based on how long it takes me to make a sprite. Larger sprites will take longer and thus be more expensive. I take PayPal.

Anyone interested can send me a Note on DA, a DM on Twitter, or e-mail me at:

Bullet; Red Commission Slots Bullet; Red 

1. [TAKEN by NocturnalRascal] [DONE!]
2. [TAKEN]
3. [TAKEN]
4. [TAKEN]


That's all for now! I hope to do some more Monster Hunter pixels and maybe some halloween-themed stuff. Hope you guys enjoy my art that's to come. :D

'Til next time,

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CutiesaursHobbyist General Artist
How much are commissions?
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Involuntary-TwitchHobbyist Digital Artist
It depends; I generally charge around $15 per hour of work.
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Felis-LichtStudent General Artist
Do you still have a slot open for sprite commissions? I can see there is an Open slot, but since this journal is kinda a few months old I just wanted to be sure. ^^;
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Involuntary-TwitchHobbyist Digital Artist
I do! Send me a note and we can work something out :)
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VoultronixHobbyist Digital Artist
Cant wait to see some new pixel artwork from you! As always keep it up <3
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pokesage101Student Digital Artist
It's nice to hear from you again, I used to read your oripoke blog... will you be posting on that still?

EDIT: Also will there ever be another fake-a-thon?
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Involuntary-TwitchHobbyist Digital Artist
I've thought about updating it again, but I haven't actually gone through and done it yet. Knowing there's interest helps with the motivation. I also considered doing another fakeathon, but since I'm really busy with school atm, I don't have time for it. Maybe in December or next year.
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zangoose335Professional Digital Artist
i wish i had money to pay yeah i feel bad now.....and trust me i know how classes can be stressful, i have had a twisted life with my dad and older sister so...i'm not the smartest in school but i still try but i hope you get lot's of commissions and i hope school dosn't stress ya to much
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PegasusZebraProfessional Filmographer
So... I guess this means we won't be getting the remaining five Fakemon consisting of The Sea Monster Trio, The Legendary Duo, and the Mythical, right?
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Involuntary-TwitchHobbyist Digital Artist
Their designs are finished and in the game already. They just aren't obtainable.
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PegasusZebraProfessional Filmographer
Ok so will they be obtainable one day?
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PolarissbHobbyist Writer
If anyone asks you about Uranium you can direct them to the forums and discord, we still keep those running

...I'd ask about pix art commissions but I feel bad if I don't sprite stuff myself atm :)
Involuntary-Twitch's avatar
Involuntary-TwitchHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah! I lurk in the Discord sometimes... but I've got a lot else on my plate too so I think it's healthy to keep a reasonable distance from the Uranium community ^^; (although you guys are great!)
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