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The Great June Fake-a-thon 2017

A Fantasy - themed Fakemon Challenge

Artwork by StarryNight-Skye

What is a Fakeathon?

A Fakeathon is a monthly art challenge that began with Involuntary Twitch's Faketober Challenge in 2015. The concept is simple: design & draw at least one new Pokémon or creature a day, for 30 days, based on daily prompts revolving around a theme. You can use any medium: traditional art, digital art, pixel art, whatever. Additional details, such as names, types, stats, etc. are entirely optional and up to you!


How do I participate? Are there any requirements?

Anyone can partake in a Fakeathon! Simply follow the prompt provided for that day - or pick & choose whichever prompts you like! You don't have to be a serious artist or spend a lot of time on it. You aren't required to do all 30 days, either - it's just for fun. Share your designs with others using the #Fakeathon tag on Twitter, Tumblr and DeviantArt.

Spread the love of Pokémon, and let's have a good time creating artwork together!

Daily Prompts

Theme: Fantasy Worlds

  • Day 1 - Knight
  • Day 2 - Dragon
  • Day 3 - Princess
  • Day 4 - Fairy
  • Day 5 - Goblin
  • Day 6 - Ogre
  • Day 7 - Rat
  • Day 8 - Wizard
  • Day 9 - Elf
  • Day 10 - Horse
  • Day 11 - Thief
  • Day 12 - Archer
  • Day 13 - Barbarian
  • Day 14 - Golem
  • Day 15 - Armor
  • Day 16 - King
  • Day 17 - Queen
  • Day 18 - Excalibur
  • Day 19 - Gnome
  • Day 20 - Mirror
  • Day 21 - Fox
  • Day 22 - Skeleton
  • Day 23 - Angel
  • Day 24 - Crown
  • Day 25 - Lich
  • Day 26 - Kobold
  • Day 27 - Druid
  • Day 28 - Legendary #1
  • Day 29 - Legendary #2
  • Day 30 - Legendary #3

If you would like to be added to this list, simply comment below and I'll add you!

Previous Fakeathons:

  • Watching: American Gods
  • Playing: Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • Drinking: Coffee


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am a pixel artist specializing in Pokemon sprites and Fakemon designs. I have been spriting for more than 10 years.

I was the main artist, spriter, writer & creative director for the fangame Pokemon Uranium, now complete. For more info, please check out the Wiki or the DeviantART group: Pokemon-Uranium

I will not sprite for your fangame, so don't waste your time asking.

I do however do Pixel & Sugimori Art commissions. If you are interested, you can check this journal for more information.

Journal History


[Pixel] Rathian
Rathian, the Queen of the Land. This flying Wyvern is found all across the world, thriving in many habitats due to her highly adaptive and fierce nature. She is a formidable opponent for any Hunter, only slightly less notorious than her male counterpart, Rathalos. The Queen is feared due to her highly accurate fire breath, devastatingly strong kicks and the potent poison she stores in the spines on the tip of her tail. Trying to hunt her without remembering to pack Antidotes or Herbal Medicine will have one succumbing to her poison and getting carted back to camp in short order. When she forms a mated pair with a Rathalos, the two will hunt, raise young, and fight together, and can even be seen mourning if their mate is to fall in battle. It raises questions about the emotional capacity of monsters; are they mere beasts, or do they feel something akin to what we might call love? Well, no time to think about that when you're busy getting roasted, poisoned, and eviscerated at the same time. Let's leave the philosophy to the Research Team.

I decided to do a classic Wyvern this time, Rathian has been in every Monster Hunter game since the beginning! Omg, so many scales and spines.
MHGU is out on Switch now! if I wasn't so busy with school I'd totally get it. Maybe if I had friends to go hunting with me...

Monster Hunter World is (c) Capcom
[Pixel] Odogaron
Odogaron, the apex predator that inhabits the Rotten Vale. Although relatively small in stature compared to other apex monsters, it makes up for its size with its incredible agility, sheer ferocity and bloodlust. It is primarily a scavenger, although it won't pass up an opportunity to hunt for fresher prey. Its hairless, sinewy body is well adapted for eating and digesting rancid and decaying meat. If the Rotten Vale is where monsters and Elder Dragons go to die and be reborn, then Odogaron plays a vital part in that ecosystem. Its most distinctive feature are its terrifying claws, capable of tearing flesh from bone as though it were made of paper. Its massive, fanged jaws are capable of opening almost to 180 degrees, giving it the ability to latch onto prey much larger than itself -- or to snap up a Hunter in one bite. When food is scarce in the Rotten Vale, it has been known to venture up into the Coral Highlands. Those wishing to hunt this beast will need incredibly quick reflexes, as well as abundant bandages on hand, as the bleeding from its claws will not stop unless treated immediately.

in summary: he's a toothy boi

I'm probably gonna do more of these so any suggestions for which monster I should do next, just hit me up.

Monster Hunter World is (c) Capcom
[Pixel] Legiana
Sooooo I'm kinda obsessed with MHW. And it's out on PC now, so why not commemorate that with a pixel art of my favorite monster? :D

Legiana, the apex predator of the Coral Highlands. It uses its flexible wings to ride updrafts and soar high above the canyon in search of prey. A unique and magnificent species of Wyvern, it uses the organs on its chest to produce freezing ice crystals in order to immobilize prey or defend itself from threats. Any Hunter caught in its icy blast will find their bodies turn sluggish and unresponsive, allowing the Legiana to swoop in with its fearsome claws to deliver the fatal blow. It takes a skilled Hunter to fell this beast, which you're going to want to do over and over again if you want that sweet, sweet loot and Wyvern Gems ;)

Referenced mainly from this awesome thing.

...Tempted to do more of these, this was challenging but really really fun :)
Any suggestions for what monster I should hunt pixel next?

Monster Hunter World is (c) Capcom


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Thanks for the fave
Anarlaurendil Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist Artisan Crafter

I finished doing animated sprites for shinys and nuclear forms. So my animated sprites folder is ready.
You can see the result in-game on my YouTube Let's Play (Title: Pokémon Uranium Nuzlocke FR) or on my Deviantart.
I sent you the link of my work by note.
Persondynamo222 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2018  Student General Artist
Hello. I am almost done with your most popular game, Pokemon Uranium, in fact all I gotta do is take on the championship, and I just gotta say,  I loved the heck out of this game and hope you strive for something like this in the future. Uranium is a fun fan game and still has a big following. Even if you are tired of hearing it. And your non-Uranium spritework is amazing too. Keep up the awesome work!
Involuntary-Twitch Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! Glad you liked it! I enjoyed making it and I'm so happy people still like playing the game we created :)
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When is the next fakeathon? I would love to particapite.
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Happy birthday! :party:

And thanks again for letting me be a part of the Uranium team, it was a fun experience. :)
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