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The Doughnut Tree
The Doughnut Tree
By InvizKing
Once, there was a maiden young and fair whose appetite for pastries was beyond compare.
When frolicking through the forests with glee, she spotted a most peculiar tree.
Upon its branches pastries did grow; heavy was their fruit with a glazed glow.
Upon her knuckle she did bite, for there was never a more glorious sight.
With nary a shake, the doughnuts fell and into her mouth they did dwell.
Lighter and fluffier than an angel's wing, they tasted so good that her heart did sing.
No matter how many she ate, her tum did not fill: to eat them all was a foreseeable thrill.
There was only one left, a doughnut of gold. Could she eat it? Was she truly so bold?
Stuffed though she was, she always had room for a doughnut that belonged on the hand of a groom.
It's taste was outstanding, her ecstasy sated, but what became of the tree had her twitterpated.
Where once was a tree, abnormal with treats was now a young prince carrying an assortment of meats.
:iconinvizking:InvizKing 24 13
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Quiet Please
Quiet Please
Flaymore bathed his blade, Orphanmaker, in the souls of the slain, yet the sea of armored opponents never ended.  The brawny barbarian's muscles rippled as he cut through metal and bone, flesh and spirit, heart and mind.  The sounds of sanity breaking and limbs snapping were drowned out by Flaymore's boisterous laughter.  He was overjoyed by the carnage, for each slaughtered opponent brought him closer to the keep where his ultimate opponent waited for—
—the not-so-distant thudding accompanied by the rattling of bookshelves.  No one ever sat in the corner of the library where Parker spent his Saturday afternoons, so he was unaccustomed to interruption.  His favorite nook was set aside away from foot traffic and occupied by only two small tables as opposed to the many long desks positioned near the bookshelves throughout the rest of the building.  
When the thudding grew closer, Parker looked up fr
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King of the Invisible
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