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Brilliant and deep
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    This photo made me want to watch you.  It is a common enough sight.  People walk by it everyday without seeing it.  You have seen it well and helped me to see it.  Whether by purpose or happy accident - I really like the detail in the shoes.  The bright spot on the wall could not have been better placed/ timed.  Had it been higher it would have felt like it was trying too hard to mean something else. 
   Scratches?  At first I thought perhaps it was a scratched negative, but then I thought "who uses film anymore?"  Then I thought perhaps they were purposefully added since most point up toward the left.  No details on what you were shooting with so perhaps I will never know. 
   The work generates a sympathy and a sort of sehnsucht that I identify with right now.  I like the nature of the unanswered question in most of your work. . . we don't even know for sure what the question is, and we wish we knew enough to be more a part and less apart.  Thanks.  This particular photo I can now see with my eyes closed.
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Thank you for such a constructive feedback, I really appreciate it ;) :hug:
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You work is AMAZING La la la la Clap 
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wonderful work !
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I am the shadow, there on the wall, the stain. The black sheep. I am the one who you know is there, but whom you still refuse to see. The one who nobody wishes to see, for they are afraid. If this is the truth, which I know it is, why won't you let me be free? Why do you cling to me? Are you afraid of being without the stain, the darkness? Do not worry my dear. I am always dwelling beside you, behind you, in front of you... and inside of you. You cannot escape my company, as I cling as tightly to you as you to me. You may fight me, but I will never leave you.
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v e r y . g r a p h i c . =)
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m y . p l e a s u r e . =)
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SpotlightHello, your work(-s) were featured here Spotlight

Stay perfect,
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