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Stitched Bunnies Brushes

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Brushes made from photos of real stitched bunnies! sorry there arnt more.. a gal only has so much time to sew tiny puppets in between other persuits.. such as cooking and washing..

anyway i got the whole bunny idea from ~DontPanicMyDear so all credit goes to her for the bunny design, ideas etc. i just elaborated and made the brushes ;)

9 brushes
made in photoshop CS
credit and link if you use them :) i love to see what people do..
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great brushes, used on my student radio station here:…
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Wow bunnys vudu XD
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Hi Invisible snow.. I used your urban scrawl brushes for my online store backgrounds. . I'll attach your deviantart link for credits.. :D Your brushes are awesome.

I'll give you the link of the artwork with your brushes once I published it online.. :D
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uber cutie ^_^
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LOL You are wonderful! Thank you
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Very, very fun and inspiring.
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so cute! love 'em <3
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I love your brushes & art work--keep it up. When I make something w/ your brushes I'll def note you :hug:
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Uh.. I love them.
They're so sweet and nice :)
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awesome!!... luv it!!
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Ha, ha...:D...funky bunnies!!! You gotta love 'em! x
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awww I love them!
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i love you brushes! dude, you rock! :p
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Really love these and all of your brushes :)! think I'll use them for some website or something if it's ok :)? Will show you the result when I'm done then ;D!
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Nice Just downloaded 8) I already got ideas for these. Thanks (K)
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too cute! I want one!! :giggle:!
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I love these too!!!
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elaborated?:-P How about some english we all understand? Or maybe i am just THAT stupid :hmm:
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