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Rock Trash TRik Skin - Colour

So this is the colour version of my original entry for this awesome contest: B&W version

Following suggestions from you guys I've added a splash (almost literally..) of red and I'm happy enough with the results to enter this one too :D so thanks!

All comments and critique welcome! Suggestions encouraged! I really want to make my entrys the best they can be :)
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This really is awesome, i love it
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This is awesome
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I really love the trik on the bass drum and then the sony on the amp this is just awesome
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simple and effective!! Congrats!!!
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thanks! glad you like it :)
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very Pro! :woohoo:
what did i tell you? :DD #3! oh wait. *runs to store to see if the skin's out yet* ;D :heart:
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thank you for believing in me! :D your support is so much appreciated :hug:
The skin is actually in the store now! check it: [link] :D
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thank you!! and thanks for the :+fav: on my cake too :D
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Congratulations on third place in the contest!!!!!! bet your glad you added the colour :) definately added that little bit of magic and obviously the judges thought so too :D oh and most definately faved!!!!
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thank you! yes, i am SO glad i added colour! and thanks for the :+fav: m'dear :)
(ps i see that you are an englandonian too >-<.. we have coloUr!)
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Yep yep Yep, Whoever said england was full of grey is wrong!!!!! we have reddddd and funky rabbits lol. congratualtions again!
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I said you just add some red! And it works!! Congrets!! Youre the best :D:D
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yes! you did - i remember :D THANK YOU! such good advice! :glomp: i am in your debt, please accept this :cookie: and :milk: and a llama as a token of my appreciation :)

in fact! i'm going to give you some points :points: too!

to say thank you properly because it really was your suggestion of just using one other colour that helped me win so yes, i give you some points :hug:
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omg, thanx! You didnt have to do this, You are the best!! (even without my suggestion :P ) I will use them for a good purpice :D:D

But THANX :D:D and you rock!
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ahaha! you did it! you did it! i knew you could! congrats!!! >.< hahaha!!!!!!!!!!
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sooo cool but this should have been 2 place
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Congratulations on your win!!!! :w00t:
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