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Rainbow Cake with Tiger-Boy

I don't usually upload my culinary creations but this was just so pretty that I wanted to share it with you guys and also let you know that it wasn't THAT hard to make! and so If you want one I encourage you to give it a go! There are quite a few out there, but I was inspired by the wonderful: [link]

This was made for myself and a friend's joint birthday (both gay.. hence the rainbow inside!!). The little boy in the tiger costume is an edible icing version of my main character from the children's book I'm working on at the moment for my Masters project.

I thought I'd add in a few shots of the work-in-progress too, so you can see how i made it - its just 6 seperate cakes coloured with lots of food colouring and then stuck together with jam, and iced.

It tasted good (mmm.. E numbers..)

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May I ask if this is a cake mix or if it's home made? And if it's a cake mix, how many boxes did you use? It's so beautiful and bright! It must have used a ton of food coloring. Lol. Thank you for posting!!
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That looks so delicious O AO!!!!
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Thank you! it was quite >_<
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It looks it ; A ;~~
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This is too cute!
And it looks so yummy!
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This totally made my night. <3
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This is awesome! i love it.
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This is soooooo cool :O
It makes me wanna try it right away!
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That looks awesome! The little character looks adorable. :D
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mmm... I want some!
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Sometimes I do feel like putting my hand into a jar of vibrant paint, to scoop it up and into my mouth...
But thanks to you now I have cake....
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Haha, yeah! and I can confirm it was indeed much tastier than paint :D
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Thank you. Tastier indeed! :)
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Wow that is awesome. Vibrant colors on the cake.
actually that's what makes it so beautiful... how did u get those colors?
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That's what I'm saying lol
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