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This has been a WIP for a long time now, but its finally fully online.

The above file is very limited, you'll get a black screen for most of the links so I recommend viewing it properly at:

Made in Flash CS4..

All and any feedback/critique is very welcome.
hit me :D
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Yay a flash website. I really adore how your links to your other pages come to life. Each little button has it's own little animation so I really enjoy that. I also feel a lot of personality in this website, with it's hand crafted style and personalization. My only complaint is the site's readability. Since you've already put the work into those awesomely animated buttons, it would kind of suck to have to replace it with a font and then to either re-animate or decide not to bother. And so, what I'd do is just thicken what you have so it's a little easier to read and the animations aren't too affected. ('cause seriously, I love those little animations) :iconadorableplz:

Also, just as others have commented, the background distracts from the content because it's really busy and your text/links aren't always bold enough to set itself apart. So I'd opt on either lightening the background and darkening all your type or, keep it dark, bold all your white type and just make it a little less busy? I've seen a lot of people use tricks like blurring the center of an image, using faded and half transparent boxes for their content or using a gradient to help readability.

You have these two buttons on your Illustration & Design page for Skate stickers and Indie land that I think pop well because they're light and/or have this thick white border. So I think using those same elements around some of your other buttons would be helpful. Also I'm thinking to help them stand out further, rather than having the buttons light upon hovering, maybe the opposite would make them pop more: they're light already and then when you hover, they either recede like they were doing originally, or you can find some other effect.

Anyway, here's to hoping you don't want to kick me! :iconshockplz: I think it's great. I can tell this took a lot of time and debugging. I'm working on a site myself and it's driving me crazy so I definitely give you props for all this work. Take care! :iconbaibaiplz:
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Wow, thanks for writing all that :p (definitely don't want to kick you!).
Lots of people have commented on the readability of it now so I'm gonna play with the colour/saturation/darkness of the background a bit and may even thicken up the lines of the text to see if that does indeed help, so thanks for all your suggestions regarding that, I'll probably try a few of them and see what I can get to work.

Thinking about it actually, i really like your idea of having the button fade inversed, so that they are bold and then when you hover over they go to being a bit more transparent/lighter.

Thanks again :D
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Lol sorry for the giant rant. Happy I managed to help out a bit.

Also, if you don't mind, I'm in the process of making a super simple site as well. Definitely not as complicated as yours but I'm hoping to get some opinions on it because I definitely feel that it's lacking, I just don't know what else to do with it. And expect buggy links haha. Would you mind taking a look if it's not too much trouble?
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I had a look at your site!
It looks great, I love the scrolling wheel thing ^_^ spent lots of time spinning that round..
Um so my thoughts would be.. well, for a start, simple is fine! simple is often really a good thing, people don't like to feel lost and confused, which can happen with complex or over-complicated sites.
I guess you could add a contact page? To encourage people to send you messages. I guess that could either just be a link to your email (a mailto: perhaps to make it easy for the visitor) or to make it even easier, a little form with just a couple of fields for their name and message. But apart from that, i think simple is good.
I did find one problem link- I couldnt see the Snow Girl?
And if i was being really picky I might suggest that for the scrolly wheel thing, when you roll over an image, it has a white box around it which you can see over the other images and the info panel. So you could either have the images as .png, or put the info panel on top of the scroller or move the info panel over so that one doesn't overlap the other maybe?
Well i hope I've helped a bit :D
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Ah, awesome! And I do understand that people like simple but, it's not too simple is it? Haha, I plan to add more work soon and turn that one wheel into two, one for interactive, another for just art. And yeah, a contact page! Haha I've been sort of trying to get it perfect before people contact me, I guess, but I definitely will add one.

As for the snow girl, I fixed it. Although she'll move once I turn the one wheel into two eventually haha. I'm thinking for the still images, I can put 'em all on their own page so that people can sift through each like a slideshow because perhaps the wheel is only effective for the interactive that needs a new window anyway?

Hmm, the white border. Yeah. I see what you mean. They are pngs but the As3 that came with the template puts a border around to make 'em look like photos I guess, but I can definitely remove it.

Anyway, thanks so much for taking a look. You're awesome. Till next time. :iconbaibaiplz:
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I suggest desaturating the purple background, and darkening it so it's more of a darker grey. This will make the colored bits stand out, and make the text easier to read. The hand-drawn font is hard to read and feels very... imposed upon me. Like "hey this is art, so, you better like this font". Finally, Bio looks like Gio.

Other than that, loverly. :} Though I'd do the whole thing with jQuery, this is how an animator should've done the site.
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Thanks for your comments Vael! Muchos appreciated.
When you said 'purple' for the background i was like.. what purple background.. and then I looked at it on a different monitor and was blown away by how very purple it looks. Apparently my monitor is a little bluer than other peoples..
So yes, i think i will probably adjust that, make it a bit darker, a bit less saturated perhaps. And also Bio.. Gio is not cool.

jQuery you say? I've never had anything to do with it so I think I'd better learn.. jQuery website here I come...
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jQuery is definitely something you should look into if you're gonna be working design. It's pretty much accepted that you no longer learn javascript, but rather, jQuery. It'd make your site load a lot faster, but as I said, this is how an animator should've done it. My only real gripe is the font and purple.

Speaking of other monitors, I once was on a job interview and the guy looks at MurCity. Total hipster. He squints at the front page, hits the little "lights on" to brighten the display for his monitor, he's like "I CAN'T SEE IT" and he hits back. I was embarassed and immediately brightened it up for other humans when I got home x.x
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On the website, for me at least, navigating pages goes like this -
Moves to new background
goes to black
new background is shown again, with items loaded.

I THINK that this is because the background of the page is black, and so it just shows black because we have to wait for a new flash file to load for every page ('Cuz I notice you have things like "" or something, for different pages). I'm pretty sure there's a way to load flash files into the main flash file (like, load an external .swf into the main page, so the user isn't going to different .swf files... I seem to remember seeing that a while ago in a book on Actionscript 3 I have, I can try to find that for you and scan the page or something), or you could just put EVERYTHING into the one file (because then it ALL gets loaded with the cool little preloader), but either way, it seems silly from my point of view to be having the user wait at black screens for a flash file to load, just to go to a different page.

Also, if you go:
Illustration and Design > Brushes, hover over any brush, then press back twice (to get to the homescreen), it goes back once (to illustration and design), then removes all the buttons except back (so you just see the background and the back button of the illustration and design page) and then loads the home page in another tab. So you have a tab of just the background, and a tab of the homepage.

And finally, whenever you load one of the animations, it opens in a new tab, of course the back button deletes the new tab and gets you back to the home page.

Tested with Firefox 4, whatever the newest beta is. Also went through it with Safari... IDK what version, on Windows... and same experience, except replace the idea of a new tab with a new window. Yeah. That gets kinda annoying.

Also, it would have been cool if there was a page for just the little dragging things (like what the preloader has). Or if those were on the homepage. Because the preloader goes kinda fast, and doesn't give a lot of time to play with that stuff.

Don't get me wrong, the design, graphically and stuff, was really cool. I personally am just not a fan of how it's executed.
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And now I've also just changed the transitions between sections.. theres a simple fade between everything now which I'm hoping looks better and disguises the black-screen-in-between thing? I'm really glad you mentioned it because i think that although this hasn't actually solved the problem, it looks much better now. what do you think?
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Oh. Cool. Yeah, that looks a lot better.
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Wow thank you Eyaare for the feedback!

Originally I had the entire site in one flash file, but the loading time was so huge on it that people were complaining (I hadn't really realised because I have a fairly speedy internet connection). However, I may look into loading new flash files into the main one, I'm using actionscript 2 though so I'll have a look around and see what I can find, its a good idea at any rate.

Thanks for the details on the bugs on the brushes pages, I just found the code that was causing that problem.

Finally, as for the animations, I purposely made them load in a new window/tab but maybe it would be better to have these as part of the original flash file, I'll see if it doesn't put the size of it up too much then I'll do that I think, otherwise I'll get them to load in the same page as with the other sections.

Thank you for your help! (and taking the time to write it all out) I'm going to put the animation pages inside the main flash now i think...
*gets to work

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