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Label Brushes Image Pack

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Image pack for non Photoshop CS users for my Label Brush set
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2480x2954px 1.36 MB
© 2007 - 2020 InvisibleSnow
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How can I download the images here?
I am new comers here.,,
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i can't seem to download all the letters..:( i only got letter A.
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i can't seem to find the link to download them :(
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I wasent able to use this : (( Could you make a version for Photoshop 8.0?
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the image pack is just a flat image which you can make into brushes in any version of photoshop, you can follow my tutorial if you want :) its here: [link] good luck, hope it works now :D
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Wow thanks! I'm using and will credit!
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wow another cool brush set.. thank you ..
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this is great, but what about all the other letters of the alphabet? it just gives you an enlarged picture of the logo.
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you need to click on download on the right of the page :)
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Uhm.. the download is not working.. Can you check that please?
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yeah i checked it, it should be working now :)
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Thank you! :) It works now.
Great set. I also have a dymo machine, I just don't have tape, but when I get my hands on some I will make a set too. I've noticed that the font varies a little depending on the model of the machine.

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i used this in one of my deviant art..[link]

it's nothing big..but thanks a lot for added flavour to my picture :D
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Where's the actual image pack because when I click download I just get an image?
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yeah its just an image so you can make your own :) suitable for all users of all versions! if you want you can get help making the brushes from my tutorial here: [link]
enjoy :)
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Thanks again really! [link]
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