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Good Shoe Bad Shoe

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my new shoes.. which used to be white :D

kind of based around a theme of one shoe being good and the other bad - notice the dark shoe having a fox on the toe and the other a rabbit.

Done using permanent marker pen.
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im gonna send you my stuff so u can draw on them lol
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Huh! Neat shoes! Do the designs get damaged in the rain?
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nope, shouldn't ^_^ its waterproof fabric paints.
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Whoa. I should seriously get some instead of sharpie. Dang sharpies keep smudging = =
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amazing ...

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This is awesome! Does the permanent marker stay on well?
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Not too bad, you have to be a little careful in very wet weather! and the dont like the washing machine much but that is all!
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That's awesome! Thanks :D
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I love this idea!!! So cool!
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Great!! i like that:P
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Aww, how cute :D Give them to me ? (A) :) Hmm, but I liked the one with the bunny most , too bad I have two legs xD
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you made this?! my god, thats amazing! and with the fox and bunny thing, are you referring to naruto?
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freakin awes0me
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i though it was a permanent design i never thought you did it. great job!
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hey, great work btw... can you tell me what type of vans those shoes are?
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they are Westons. but i think they might only do them in womens, i'm not sure. glad you like the designs :)
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thx for the info. great job btw!
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my Gosh! so creative. congrats *:
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wow, it's so cute! <3
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wow looks amazing!
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looks awesome!
faving it!
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Love 'em! Great work.
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This is wicked!! Lovee thiss (:
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