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Customised Camera

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Holga customisation..

The pink and blue is done with acrylic paint, the rest I drew in photoshop and printed onto sticker paper.

Full view!

Image size
605x1958px 246.37 KB
Shutter Speed
10/406 second
Focal Length
6 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Oct 5, 2009, 12:16:54 PM
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This is soo creative!! I gotta try this sometime ;)
InvisibleSnow's avatar
you should! its super fun to do and it makes people smile more naturally when you take their photo with it!
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I looked at my camera. And smiled evily. (:
Thanks for the inspiration.
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haha awesome, if you customise it then you must post it here and show me!! :D
ZombieRoulant's avatar
WAW :D i love the way u drawww : D! NICE WORK :)!!!
urbantopia's avatar
I want it noooow!

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looks beautiful :love:
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That's probably the coolest thing I've ever seen
InvisibleSnow's avatar
haha wow thanks :D
olivv's avatar
I love the "smile!" :P
fumblies's avatar
It's awesomeeee. :D
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i love your holga~~~
ahh, that reminds me, i really should start using mine again XDD
Film cameras are just so lovely :3
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aww.. swoons... i want stickers for mine now!! Only drawn by you mind you, these look awesome!
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wonderful work :wow:
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hey can you print on a regular printer over sticker paper?
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Yeah, i have a regular inkjet printer and i just buy sheets of vinyl sticker paper. I get mine on Ebay. Easy! :)
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Very nice (:

Where can i buy one ?

:juggle: Bram..
InvisibleSnow's avatar
Thanks! Well, you can buy a black one on Ebay which is where i got mine ^_^ the colour come in a paint pot! ;)
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Well..I think i prefer digital camera's just because of the high quality / easy to use factor ^^

But still, i think it is awesome (:
:juggle: Bram ..
InvisibleSnow's avatar
Yeah, i have both (not cheap!). They are both good but for different things! :)
Bweetje's avatar
I think that a 'normal' camera is more useful for making 'custom' pictures/photographs (That is told to me :)

But I go for the digital camera just because i can edit on my laptop if i want it e.g. to be black and white :)

:juggle: Bram..
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