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Darien Fawkes - Living Hell

This Pic took almost 12 hours to do...... And, I'm not entirely happy with it at all really.... *sigh*.. well anyways; trying to cure my Insanity of The Invisible Man... so finished off an OLD line art (back when i used the mouse, so i re-drew it).. and decided to soft shade it for once; finally another colored art... and Screencaps from two Episodes Of The Invisible Man, and of course a Quote of Darien's.... So yeah; my latest crap! Hope you all like!... coz i sure don't.... And it really upsets me :cries:

Comments make meh happeh in tha pants! :ohnoes:
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Oh man I love this!
This is what in my opinion what it would look like if they decided to animate it!
The art is good and I'm watching the show as we speak.
InvisibleRainArt's avatar
awe thank you <3 :) i've improved alot since then though! i was thinking of re-doing this pic too! :3
thearies11's avatar
Yes you should please!
InvisibleRainArt's avatar
when i have the time <3 i will see what i can do.
thearies11's avatar
Okay if you can possibly update me, if that's alright with you.
InvisibleRainArt's avatar
if you watch me, you'll get all my updates.
thearies11's avatar
Oh okay I'll be a watcher then.
And I'll be sure to favorite this piece.
Diamond-Stud's avatar
I’m not much of an artist, so I am amazed at what you can do in 12 hours! It would probably take me twice that long to draw a straight line. Great drawing! It makes me miss that show...
silverscape's avatar
I have just got back into watching this again as I was sifting through the DVDs, what a great pic love it
InvisibleRainArt's avatar
:cuddle: wahoo!~ good idea to watch them again! best show ever created <3
Thankyou very much! :love:!
InvisibleCorpseGirl's avatar
I have season 1 on DVD, but it won't be complete until they give region 1 freaking season 2!!!
I love they style you choose for Darien ;D
InvisibleRainArt's avatar
<3 he's awesome indeed; too awesome for words!
Yeah i know they NEED to release Season 2, they can't just release season 1 and leave it that way! you're lucky though; coz they hadnt released region 4 of I-Man for us Aussies :( NOT fair.
Thaknyou very much! you'll find i have quite a few I-Man related in my gallery :heart: ^_^ nice to find another I-Maniac!!! :glomp: we're so few these days!
Darksamu's avatar
I really like all of the emotion you fit into this. I think it really captures the more depressing parts of I-man, which definitely isn't a bad thing. :)
InvisibleCorpseGirl's avatar
Oh Darien I miss you sooooo!! :cries:
InvisibleRainArt's avatar
Indeed; I miss the show a lil too much! :(
InvisibleCorpseGirl's avatar
Yeah, I try to watch my DVD's of it or go on Hulu when needed...*sigh*
InvisibleRainArt's avatar
Yeah i re-watch them over and over and never get sick of it, best series ever!
InvisibleCorpseGirl's avatar
Totally!! Oh before tv became much crap lol.
InvisibleRainArt's avatar
Indeed nothing compares to it.. still 8 years later! lol
InvisibleCorpseGirl's avatar
:ohnoes: Its been 8 years already?!
Wow, it seems like only yesturday I was drooling over Darien...wait I think that was lol :D
Wow, its so awesome that one still loves to watch it to this day :D
InvisibleRainArt's avatar
Yeap hun... 8 years! :(
Hehehe oh trust me, im a nutter for the show.. always will be! :heart:
i'm currently watching it religiously so that my unborn baby girl will recognise it ;p
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MsVenom's avatar
LOVE IT! You do it really-really good! :wow:
Amazing! Cool style! :nod:
P.S.: I like hie haircut ;)
InvisibleRainArt's avatar
:blush: Awwww yay! thankyou!! i tried! <3
^_^ awe its so nice to find people who appreciate I-Man :heart:
Hhehehe i do too! ;p
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