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(new!) Redbubble:… Something I'm experimenting with. If you wanted physical copies or other variations of some of my work, now it's possible!

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MarcusVannGriffin Is An Art Thief. (Resolved)

MarcusVannGriffin Is An Art Thief. (Resolved)

Content Warning: NSFW art featured in this post for reference. UPDATE: Marcus has removed my art from his page and has vowed to not do it anymore, of which he has said before but this time I feel he will stick to his word of which I'll keep tabs on. He has apologised and I've accepted his apology in hopes we can move on. I want want focus my time on art, not this kind of stuff, it's sad that after 100s of chances to resolve this privately it took this journal for it to get sorted but at least it's sorted now! Time to get back to drawing ^_^ Thanks to everyone who was concerned and to all who helped resolve it, from Emerald, Maple, Derpy Hooves and TrueHeroLightning and many others :) I considered removing the journal now that it has served it's purpose and the issue has been resolved, but something feels disingenuous to me about removing it and pretending it didn't happen when it did. Like sweeping things under the rug which isn't my style. So I'll leave it here with this update.

1k Watchers! :D

1k Watchers! :D

Don't really have much to say but thank you! :3 Means a lot, never thought anyone would care remotely when I started inking this site with my doodles sort of thought they'd go unseen… Being all invisible and all that. Anyway thanks and hello all the new people that have been joining lately :3

Small Creators And Toxic Fans: ProMonarchyGenius

Small Creators And Toxic Fans: ProMonarchyGenius

(edited 22/07/20: Cleaned it up, made it easier to read and added a few extra bits). Hey everyone, so this is literally the first time I've ever talked about another user publically on my page and it's going to be a little lenthly so I'm not accused of being unfair so I hope you can bare with me. I'm just so tired of people like this in the fandom. They give everyone else a bad name and make life hell for small creators who they deem 'to have wronged them'. Sometimes I genuinely think people underestimate how many 'trash people' smaller creators have to deal with. Being a smaller creator the benefit is that you get a 1:1 with your audience, you actually can meet them properly, and they have more direct access to you, the downside is that awful people have direct access to you too, grown men who act like children who feel entitled to you, your work and your art when you owe them nothing. I was going to let this slide but I want this to serve as example of the type of BS we get

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M-Brony96New Deviant

Hey Joanna, I’m M-Brony96, I’m not an art stealer and I like your art.

WolfsbaneWolfenHobbyist Writer

Thanks for llama :D.

I have done art similar to MarcusVannGriffin, but to avoid making the same mistakes, I gave you credit by linking your homepage and the bases I used on the pictures.

InvisibleInkDoodlesProfessional Digital Artist

Thank you :) Basic credit sourcing is all I ask so it means a lot when people like you do it properly. As for Marcus it wasn't just about the lack of credit it was about me messaging him politely time and time again asking him to add a source and him saying he would but then not doing so. Then he asked Maple for credit for my work, then he leaked patreon content and then on top of all of that he blocked me and marked my comments on his stolen work as spam so no one could see it was stolen.. That's what crossed the line for me. He's started to get better but still has a long way to go.

So thank you for doing the correct thing and sourcing :) As long as you source we're good!

That's all I needed to hear! ;)

It's also good to hear your side of the story, as well so I don't run into any of the same trouble.

InvisibleInkDoodlesProfessional Digital Artist

No problem :)

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