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(new!) Redbubble:… Something I'm experimenting with. If you wanted physical copies or other variations of some of my work, now it's possible!

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Hey all, so I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I feel it is time for me to step away from DeviantArt, MLP and being online generally. I’ve already been slowly removing myself from the online space gradually, but I’ve always been reluctant to move away from this one. So why now? Well there are several reasons. 1. Truth be told I haven’t been interested in MLP since season 6 and Equestria Girls has been over for a while now. Although I feel like there’s still work I could and would do, it’s very hard to be motivated when most people have moved on and when I feel like it’s my time to do so too. I want to create original content. My own characters, my own projects, but when all my time is taken up through MLP work it leaves very little to really pursue my true ambitions. 2. I’m just not mentally in a good place doing this work. I have severe anxiety issues that make being a ‘content creator’ with any audience however big or small very difficult. I struggle to reply to

My Abuse From Malcontent and His Equestrian City

My Abuse From Malcontent and His Equestrian City

Hello everyone, This journal will be about DarkMalcontent /Malcontent Also known as Chris .W (his name is already public on Derpi and other fan sites). He runs a group project called Equestrian City a Fan fiction about Equestria Girls. Chris made my life hell in the month of August 2018, along with the help of his other project leads DSHooves/DSHoovies, and a man who's name I do not know. In this journal I will go into everything that happened in hopes of once and for all being able to put the entire thing behind me. This will also be my last post. I've wanted to talk about this for a while now but the stress and fears of doing so have always detracted me. Malcontent has said any public statement on it would be met with some level of retaliation of which, has been enough to keep me quiet. I've done this long enough to know there's no such thing as 100% positive reception. Yet, when something so personal and painful happens to you, sharing that knowing beforehand that there will
Footage of me from 5 years ago picking a username:

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I just read your reasons for why you are leaving. I respect your decision and I tip my hat to you. spine tips his hat to ya

You are banned. Accept this and move on. I'm getting frustrated by you constantly pestering me like this yet if I block you, you start stealing my work again. You stole my work for months, I asked to be credited nicely for months. You kept saying you would and then kept stealing my work. I TOLD you to stop or you will be banned after giving you so many warnings and you didn't. If you did you wouldn't be banned, but you stole my work, stole my private patreon work and posted it publically, treated me horribly, lied to me repeatedly, to my face (even claiming you weren't M-Brony just to steal my work more) and you've recently been telling people I've been bullying you just because I ask for you not to use my work due to having to ban you for stealing.

No. You don't get to just post a message like this and then start posting my work again to your page. You are banned. You know this and you know why. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!

Dawg, who the hell even are you? Why is it so hard for you to understand no means no. Leave the lady alone and drop it.

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You are banned. You know this and nothing about this 'ban has or will change'. It's Christmas day over here in the UK at the moment. Why are you using Christmas as the time to be a jerk to me and making me have to deal with your BS when you already know a. your banned, b. why you're banned, and c. that I don't want to talk to you? You can't change username and then suddenly the ban gets lifted.. That's called 'ban avoidance'. You keep trying it and I keep telling you to forget my work and move on. Leave me alone. Simple. Forget you ever saw my work. Simple. That's all I ask. Being friends with SuperSamYoshi is irrelevant. He isn't banned, but you are. It's that simple. Leave ME and MY WORK ALONE. Remove these images or I'll have them pulled. Simple. It's been months. Why do you keep bothering me? I genuinely want nothing to do with you or wrestling edits. I've made that abundantly clear.