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HA: Ice cream

You guys know what he did with the pink book XD

I made Elliot pose for drawing Arnold laughing, couldn't find any reference.

Thank you guys for all the questions! I'll answer them all! Don't worry!

So about this:

I just started this new game: Ask Grown Up Helga and Arnold questions and they will answer, go to my tumblr [link] and ask whatever floats your boat.

Rules: Please ask in English, if you want to ask in any other language please add at least a google translation. And if you can please ask at tumblr, you will make my life so much easier, when this becomes stressful I'll stop :/ If you must ask here, do it in a the journal post about this game, that way you can ask in deviantart too!

SAI and PS CS5

Hey Arnold!©Craig Bartlett
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Top bad there's not an actual tumblr account for them but hahaha! I love how in the middle of his laughing he spouts out an "I love you".
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There is! Check the description! :D
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I'll say this is a work of art.
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Can't believe I never commented on this!!! >.< Love the way you drew them answering the question! Thanks so much! :dance:
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Thank you so much!
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love this q&a
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Feel free to ask something!
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Thank you very much!
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I love these drawings they are SO cute ! n.n
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Thank you very much!
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I love how you stay true to the cartoon when you draw them and yet they look different.. So pretty!
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Thanks! It means a lot.
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Wow Arnold totally laughing himself off. LOL, made me want to laugh. A LOT.
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Ha,ha,ha,ha, yeah, Helga being silly makes him laugh.
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Ahhh! These are so cute! So so very random, but I also think of that scene of Arnold eating that giant sundae from the eating contest whenever Helga says she loves "ice cream."
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Ha,ha,ha,ha yeah, maybe that's where the nickname came from.
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Arnold's laughing position is hilarious here. :XD: But yeah, the issue with the pink book is something else that would have to come up, and since Helga had confessed to be writing poems about him on the FTi building, well, remember what's in the book? Poems, of course! And how about when he met Hilda in his one dream? She was reciting some poetry, so he subconsciously knows that Helga is a talented poet and maybe he even hints that she owns the pink book. How else do you explain that for getting into his dream?

I don't know how to explain her calling him "ice cream," but I think as time goes by for them as they grow up, Arnold will learn all of the secrets had regarding her love for him...but out of respect, he will keep them, too. :)
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He will keep them, but between him and Helga. Glad you like it!
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I love how you draw them when they're older, simply perfect <3
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