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Sooooooo I'm gonna try and join this really cool group and such uh...
(I'm a dork and should not be this worked up im sorry)
Anyways onto the bios!(?)

Species: (shiny) Swablu
Sex: Male
Gender: None (goes by "they, them, their")
Samuel is... a rather interesting Pokemon. They won't hesitate to correct someone if they find something "wrong" with it, and has a tendency to be unable to regulate their volume. They can literally go from whispering to shouting in a couple words, and vice versa. They have a god complex, and seem to be completely convinced that they are such. Despite their rampant quirkiness, however, Samuel may in fact have a serious side to them...
Thanks to their different colouring, Samuel put themself on a higher pedestal than everyone else at an early age, much to the other Pokemon's annoyance. Everyone eventually got so fed up with their crap that they cast them out. Samuel wandered for a bit afterwards, until they met and got attached to Lee. Lee's possibly the only Pokemon who they care for as much as themself. They have complete trust in him, not even thinking to bother him about his past. (Not like there's anything to bother him about that.)

Species: Larvesta
Sex: Male
Gender: Boy
Not much bothers Lee, though he's a bit of a snarky jerk. Okay, maybe he's a REALLY snarky and sarcastic jerk. However, he still doesn't let much of anything get to him, and he really enjoys jokes. Even if they are on him. Just don't try to pry into things that he deems is HIS personal business.
Seriously, he's just a normal Pokemon!
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Please put the date your team joined there up at the top so I can accept your team on the Atlas~