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Texts with invulnerability

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The First Encounter Part 6 by MrREX02

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Nataliya vs Mike TysonNataliya Kuznetsova isn't your average female bodybuilder. The Russian lifter sports proportions that most female—and even male—bodybuilders could only dream of, and it's no surprise that she's amassed nearly half a million followers on the ‘Gram. Multiple sources call her the heaviest known professional female bodybuilder, and we wouldn't be surprised if that's true. According to one of her posts, she stands at 5'7″ and weighs in at over 230 pounds in the off season. By the look of it, the only fat on her body is in her boobs and butt. With triple f cup breasts and 12 inch deep pectorals, she is able completely smother a human being with her chest should she so desire. She has recently been challenged to an exhibition match by the chauvinistic, once great heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson. He claims that despite her massive strength and durability advantage, having 20 more pounds of trained muscle than Mike Tyson, Nataliya would be unable to defeat him in a boxing match due to his experience and her gender. This will later be seen by historians as the greatest mistake in his entire life. Mike Tyson was considered by many to be the best all around male heavyweight in history, but today he would dominated by an amateur female. As the two fighters weigh in before the bout, the extreme difference in physique is highlighted. Despite being shorter than her opponent, Natalya is much wider with well a steely, striated physique. Her muscles are monstrous, bulging and straining against her skin. Mike is taller, but soft. His biceps are not only a fraction the size of Nataliya's, but they have significant sag. His beer belly is soft and bulging, while her thin waist is clad in muscles so thick and well defined they look bulletproof. Unfortunately for Mike, other than his clumsily large hands and feet his chubby stomach is the only part of his body that isn't massively eclipsed by the sheer size of her Titanic, yet beautiful muscles. Her statuesque legs are so large that his entire torso is smaller than each thigh. due to her training she moves with the ease and grace of a ballerina as she strides towards the stage, compared to the boorish and crude gait of Mike Tyson. After the two fighters are locked in, the ref calls the fight and both fighters are led to their corners. "Ladies and gentlemen, the former heavyweight boxing champion of the world, Mike Tyson!" the bell RINGS as he makes his way towards the middle of the ring. The crowd cheers in response, excited to see the match unfold. "Ladies and gentlemen, the world's biggest female, Natalia Amazonka!" As Nataliya makes her way towards him, the top of her black robe falls open, exposing her massive breasts. Her legs are clad in fishnet stockings which struggle to fit her tree trunk thighs inside despite the gigantic size of the stockings. As she walks, her robe opens further, flashing a glimpse of her black, skin tight outfit. The outfit itself is extremely revealing, short enough that her thighs could pass as well round as they are massive, and shows off every curve of her body. The crowd goes nuts, cheering two e as loud for the sexy muscle woman than they did for Tyson. The top is a push up bra, and due to the size of her humongous breasts, the cups are constantly on the verge of falling off of her massive, monstrous tits. Her legs are thick with muscles that could crush steel and the veins on her calves and arms bulge as they strain to support her massive weight. She dominantly flexes her gigantic 19.5 inch biceps, as Mike walks towards her. He enters the middle of the ring as she continues to flex and stare at him, flexing slowly before staring at him menacingly. Her sensual, husky baritone voice booms out loud enough to be heard by the entire stadium as she says in heavily accented English, "I vill kill you, leetle man" she steps forward, walking towards him, her robe now open completely as she reveals her massive tits. Her robe falls to the ground, leaving her standing there in just her black, skin tight outfit. She stares at him, Mike staring back. For the first time, it appears that Mike is at a loss for words. Suddenly, Nataliya sees a dripping liquid flowing from Mike's boxing shots. He's literally pissed himself in fear!" The crowd goes wild as the ref begins the fight, pitting the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World against the World's biggest and most muscular bodybuilder. Nataliya simply puts both of her hands on her hips as she stares up defiantly at Mike, seingly daring him to hit her. Mike's hands shake as he raises them, looking around again before looking down at his opponent. "Come on, Mike! Beat her brains in!" "You can do it, son!" someone shouts. The crowd begins to chant, "Kill! Kill! Kill!" Mike gulps loudly as he opens his mouth to speak. "Alright! Alright! Shut the fuck up!" he says nervously. "Come on then, Mike! Give me one of those big punches you always talk about!" Mike closes his eyes and raises his hands forward, before throwing a punch. Mike lets out a terrified yell as his fist flies forward. The crowd gasps as his fist slams into her tit doing no damage whatsoever, sliding deep within her massive pectorals. Nataliya just smiles, as she slowly begins flexing her chest muscles, crushing Mike's trapped hand. The commentators madly exclaim "holy shit, that punch did nothing! She's just smiling and... It looks likes she has him trapped? My god, it's a booby trap, can you believe it?" The crowd goes wild as they see Mike desperately trying to pull his hand out of the massive cleavage of muscle as she squeezes. Nataliya just laughs while insulting Mike. "Zis is patheteek, I could keel you vith my boobs alone leetle man!" Unable to move his arm, Mike's face begins turning red with anger as he desperately tries to use his other hand to pry her massive tits apart. "Come on, Mike! Pussy! Let's see you try!" "Fucking bitch! Get the fuck off me!" he screams. "Mike! Mike! You can do it!" someone shouts. Mike is frustrated by the fact that Nataliya has trapped him with just her gigantic tits, and aims a killer punch directly at her thin, but heavily muscled waist. Mike grunts in pain as his fist comes to a painful stop, only to see Nataliya smiling! Mike punches again and again, but his fist just bounces off her invincible abs as she laughs in amusement. The commentators loudly proclaim "my god, he can't even hurt her! He's punched Nataliya 5 or 6 times now, and she hasn't even felt it! It doesn't even look like it tickles, I don't think it even left a mark on her skin! Her abs must be harder than steel, because it actually looks like Tyson is in pain every time he lands a punch! It looks like the ref wants to separate them, as this strange hold she has Mike in does constitute a clinch... this is just looking worse and worse for the former champ." Nataliya twists her body while releasing her chest flex, casually flinging Mike Tyson across the arena. "Bitch!" he screams as he hits the padded wall, slowly sliding down until his legs stop moving. "Please! Stop! I give up!" Mike begs, which causes a wave of laughter from the crowd. Nataliya laughs cruelly. "I haven't punched once, vimp. I von't let you give just yet, Mr. Vorld Champ!." The muscular Russian dominatrix looks over her for, her muscles grinding against each other as she slowly approaches her stunned and obviously outmatched foe. It was clear to both him and the audience that this hyper muscular woman was completely out of his league, it was foolish to challenge her. Mike Tyson slowly pushes himself back to his feet, desperate to defend himself from this muscle goddess. He sees her massive, 19.5 inch biceps wind up for a punch, the raw strength present in her muscles enough to send shivers down his spine. He quickly ducks in as the amateurishly but bone shatteringly powerful punch flies behind his head and... for Mike Tyson, all he saw was blackness. For everyone else, something far more interesting was seen. As the former boxing champ leaned in to avoid Nataliya's lethal fist, her gigantic breasts and pecs smashed directly into Mike's face! The impact of her breasts alone was stronger than any punch he had ever felt, and knocked him out instantly. His mouth guard was sent flying, as was his body. His body flew directly into the ropes, before rebounding straight back towards the 5 ft 7, 230 pound Russian amazon right as she prepared to launch another punch. Her massive arms move with horrific force and purpose, driving her deceptively dainty hands covered by standard regulation boxing gloves directly into the midsection of Mike Tyson. While his punches did nothing but tickle, hers are infinitely more devastating. Despite the padding of her gloves, her punch delivers the force of a high explosive warhead, literally blasting Iron Mike in half! A thunderous boom resonates throughout the arena, the force of the punch sending shockwaves and chunks of gore all across the arena . Mike Tyson's shoulders and head are sent flying 200 feet to slam against the wall of the arena, while his legs simply collapse in a heap. The middle of his body has been obliterated, turned into a bloody mist. The crowd is in awe, as is everyone else in the arena. Many were expecting a one sided massacre, but this was clearly a surprise victory for the big Russian. "Wow!" "How did she get so strong?" "Is that even possible?" At this point, World heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson has been rendered into a bloody mess with no pulse. Stunned, the crowd begins to buzz as the official raises his hand in the air. "The winner, by knockout, is Heavyweight Champion of the World, Nataliya Kuznetsova!" the official calls out. The crowd goes wild as Kuznetsova leaves her feet to collect the heavyweight belt. A life long dream come true for the big Russian, and a massive shock for the boxing world. "That was... insane! I've never seen anything like that!" "What the fuck happened?" "Was that for real? She just tore him apart!" "Holy shit, she's massive!" The Heavyweight champion of the world walks slowly around the ring as the crowd begin to thin out....









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Slime Never Dies-2 :iconklareszj:klareszj 34 1
Metal Slime Girl by klareszj Metal Slime Girl :iconklareszj:klareszj 59 7 Page8 Jello by SinDD
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Immortal Godess. No need for armour. by RumpArt
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Immortal Godess. No need for armour. :iconrumpart:RumpArt 56 1
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Trade Art With Zombi-Horde: Strawbella 3 :iconprojectfemme:ProjectFemme 18 5
Mindless by Gretlusky Mindless :icongretlusky:Gretlusky 547 12 Bulletproof by Icecreambrutus Bulletproof :iconicecreambrutus:Icecreambrutus 7 3 Supergirl in bed by Vala316 Supergirl in bed :iconvala316:Vala316 266 21 HELA THOR RAGNAROK COMISSION by killbiro HELA THOR RAGNAROK COMISSION :iconkillbiro:killbiro 769 25 Thanos by logancure Thanos :iconlogancure:logancure 3,483 116



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We celebrate SEXY FEMALES having one particular superpower: INVULNERABILITY. Things that injure ordinary people do nothing to them!
Prior to submitting read the rules

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Before submitting a deviation, read our rules

Our focus, invulnerability
We are the group featuring female INVULNERABILITY. Each piece in our gallery is a show of an invulnerable woman.

The show must be right there, like bullets ricocheting, blades breaking or cars crushing against a heroine. Withstanding fire, ice, acid, punches, kicks, shark bites will fit, too. Things a normal person would get injured with but the heroine will be just fine.

Any deviants can suggest deviations for approval. Submissions are revised.
:bulletgreen: We accept pieces that contain a DIRECT DISPLAY OF INVULNERABILITY (like withstanding bullets, flames etc). This must be something happening in the deviation.
:bulletred: We don’t accept pieces that do not pass this condition.
:bulletred: We won’t accept character description lists, even if they feature invulnerability as heroine's attribute: this doesn't tell a story.
:bulletgreen: We accept nudity and NSFW content if it follows DA rules.
:bulletgreen: Usually we won't accept more than 5 pieces at once. If you have lots of things to share, submit first 5, next week another 5, and so on.

If you got anything related you’d like to add to our group, which doesn’t contain an invulnerability show, you can put it to group favorites.

Feel free to raise any related topics to discuss and to share your vision of an invincible female, be it a petite nekogirl or a muscular goddess.
Only members can write in blogs. A membership request is accepted automatically.

Submit deviation to the right folder, the one most suitable for the deviation. Any stories go to Invulnerability written , and pictures of giantesses go to Invulnerable giantess regardless of what is the stuff they are invulnerable to. The rest folder names speak for themselves.
The Featured folder is unavailable for submitting and is arranged by the admins who select the best of the best, high-quality pieces representing the essence of female invulnerability.
Hey I’m hopin to find someone interested in a rp chalk full of muscle growth. Note me if your interested! If you have any particular fantasies about who grows and how let me know and we can make a story together. I role play in 3rd person paragraph form and use detailed responses as best I can. I would ask the same for you if ya can thanks again for hearing me out talk to yall later!
It's simple in style but 100% on topic…

Just take this episode…
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