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What if she Doesn't Like It?! by Invidlord What if she Doesn't Like It?! by Invidlord
Artist Training Grounds:
Artist's Training Grounds Alumni Group - Week 34 - An Infatuated Pony!

"Why didn't I pick the green ones?! What if she sees me? This is so stupid, I knew I never should have bought them... and I signed it with a heart, how cliche is that!? She's going to hate them... she's going to laugh... auaughghhghaghh!!!!"

Night Flurry is a pony who wears his heart on his sleeve, but remains relatively unsure of himself deep down. And after several run-ins with the pegasus mare Dusky Down ( :iconkuroitsubasatenshi:'s OC ), he's become QUITE infatuated with her, which only serves to magnify how awkward he feels around her. He easily bought her the gift of some earmuffs, but the execution of his delivery is less descisive. He's a bit of a white knight, and says that mares need to be treated with kindness and dignity... and then he just gets really nervous and stammers a lot, so he just set them with a tag along the path he had seen her walking, then just waited. *sigh* Night Flurry... what am I going to do with you?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (C) Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:
KuroiTsubasaTenshi Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
((I always like seeing Dusky drawn in other peoples' styles. Good job all around. Oh, and Night Flurry's face cracks me up. :P))

I crested the hill, its soft powder creaking underhoof. The pale glow from the half set sun left a faint pink hue on the snow's surface as a gentle wind

brushed across my coat. Few evenings could say they lend themselves as well to a relaxing stroll as this one.

I paused, eyes falling on the hills. Their bodies stretched, rolling under the pastel pink blanket to the horizon and beyond. Moments like these were

practically made of inspiration. My vision hardly left the sunset as I continued.

Barely three steps in, a hint of blue caught my eye. A disc sat atop the snow, a striped band connecting it to a second. I blinked, adjusting my course.

Some poor pony had lost her brand new earmuffs.

Derpy?' I frowned. Unlikely. I've never seen her wear earmuffs.

Something small and tan stole my attention. These had never been worn. No, that's not necessarily true. Perhaps its owner simply forgot to remove the

tag. But it was neither. I could see the writing quite clearly: To Dusky <3.

I looked across the hills again. Side to side. Nopony in sight. Nor was the snow marked in any way. Up my eyes went, riding over each contour of the

overcast sky. Nopony there either.

Eying the tag once more, my mind set to work. I wondered who he was. Or maybe a she? My cheeks grew warm. The gesture was sweet, certainly, but... was

someone watching? I looked toward the sky once more.

"Thank you!" I called out.

No reply. Not like I was expecting one anyway.

I stooped down, gingerly taking the band between my teeth. I turned my head back, tucking the earmuffs safely under my wing.

Making an about face, I started back toward my apartment.
Invidlord Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been trying to think up something clever to reply to this, and I keep reading through it and then pushing back a tear. It's truly marvelous, and brings a unique kind of satisfaction to read as your creation, your child in many ways, achieves some level of personal achievement. It's surprising and not at all unpleasant, and so thank you for letting me do this!!! I am much in your debt!
KuroiTsubasaTenshi Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe, think nothing of it. Half the fun of designing a character is seeing how his/her personality plays out and develops in reaction to unexpected situations. So I think equal thanks are in order for giving me an opportunity to write an RP post like that.
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