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Mandalorian Iron Pike

Mandalorian Iron Pike

That's a Pike made of Mandalorian Iron, not an Iron Pike made by Mandalorians.

Made for my Star Wars: Enemies of the Outer Rim RPG - If interested, check us out at [link]

I pull a lot of images for these cards from quick google image searchs, and as my original intention was to simply print these for personal use, please let me know if I have appropriated your art so that I can give you proper credit, or remove the image.
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That's the same weapon that my Cin Vhetin character uses (except that it's a lightsaber pike).

Very cool!
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That picture may have been of a lightsaber pike, I believe. But with only one Jedi in the group, it's hard to make any kind of lightsaber weapon and not have everyone assume it's made for the Jedi, so unless I purposely want to give it to the Jedi, I have to tweak the item a bit.
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But lots of non-Jedi people still use lightsabers (he said with Mandalorians in mind). Still, it's an awesome picture for an awesome weapon.

Also, was that image originally from the first Force Unleashed comic book? I almost recognize it.