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Litten approaches!

By Invidiata
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Remember when I said:
"Mettaton is next!" ?, I changed my mind.

Here, have a fiery kitty cat instead! Because everyone loves kitties. Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
I also wanted to try out a more simple style again, the last pictures were all very detailed and full with details. So I just wanted to draw a simple kitten...or Litten...

Edit: I changed the main file. A transparent background is better.
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The colors are just WOW...
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it's perfect omg ;w;
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I am not sure you are aware of this, but a website other then the ones you've listed is selling this art a a shirt and hoodie… This website has stolen multiple artist's work and even sent threats to a artist for sharing information about them stealing art.
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Litten the Kitten love it I CHOOSE YOU LITTEN! Icon 
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this bitch here used this picture and didn't give you any credit sparklebutttheiii.deviantart.c…
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Wtf, this accout xD Seems like a troll but still...
Nah I think this account won't survive anyway for long.
But thank you for the information! :)
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LITTEN approaches!
A wild LITTEN appeared!
LITTEN drew near!
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I love litten very much its so cool
Nice work
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This is too cute for words! :3 I love the shading!
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When Pokemon sun and moon come out this is my starter!💙❤️💙❤️
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So cute and Nice line work and coloring !
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Can I use this for a banner etc? (Personal use)
I credit you then on the graphic. And my private website/forum. (Credits are full visible for guests).
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Of course you can, go for it! :)
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