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They said I could be anything...

Part 2:Magic Lessons by InvictusNoctis
My second comic. I really wish I could make these things faster, I'm fairly new to vectoring so any tips are helpful as well. Enjoy! :D I'm also taking requests!
(Characters and Background Vectored by Me)
*(Update)* -Thanks everyone so much for all the views, favorites, and watches! It really means a lot to a beginning vector artist like myself!! I'm glad you enjoyed this comic, they'll be more to come!! 
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very silly!
great comic!
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Uh... This may not end well... ^^;
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god help us.. jk xDD
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I actually had a dream that Applebloom became a Pegasus once. It was weird.
tigreanpony's avatar
Is wow, well nothing possibly bad could happen with this.
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Now AB is arincess!
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ALL HAIL THE YOUNGEST PRINCESS EVER!!!!! (Who still has no cutie mark!!!!)
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And yet she still doesn't have her cutie mark.
All Hail the Princess of Apples
Sel-Diora's avatar
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Hahahh! Nice!!! :XD: :XD: :XD:
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Me: ...........................................................................................?
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you know applebloom they're more to life than becoming a princess. :) You can do anything you can set your mind to.
I'm looking forward of seeing your cutie mark someday :D
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I'm sort of hoping this will happen in the hypothetical "Crusaders of Harmony" spinoff.
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Way to shoot for the stars  Apple Bloom. :D
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That would be awesome if she was a princess. :) My favorite Cutie Mark Crusader.
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This is awesome! XD
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:iconapplebloomderpplz: Ah'm BEST alicorn princess.

Awesome comic!
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