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It's a Sign

The first sign is pretty obvious. Wild horses roam the next 7.5 kilometers. My sister was really excited, because she'd always wanted to see the Kaimanawa horses. Luck, however, was not on our side. Apparently they were all hiding for the day.

The second sign was on the way to one of the Ruapehu Skifields. Hence the kiwi on skis. Haha.

...It's pretty funny if you're from New Zealand.
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Oh god XD
It's so funny^^ I mean I already doodled a surfing Kiwi... but this is simply hilarious XD
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It's not a kiwi, its a skiwi. XD
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it's funny no metter where you're from
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:D Somehow it reminds me photo of a particular gas station sign saying: "my boss told me to change this stupid sign, so i did."
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where did u saw that photo??
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I saw it along with others at the Simtropolis portal, though unfortunately it's no longer possible (I think) to view content of this forum without setting an account, unless you are Simcity4 fanatic....:(
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aw... pitty... :(
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There is always left...
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Portal on all sorts of humorous stuff, like photos,anecdotes,jokes,...etc..all taken from real life!
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