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Published: June 27, 2016
Though I barely do anything on here anymore, I still do check in daily so I figured I may as well make a new journal seeing as it's been half a year, lol. Not much has changed in that time. I bought a new bed after sleeping in the twin for 20 years (got it when I was 7). I now have a queen-sized bed and it's magical even if it was madness to assemble. I've also acquired several Yugioh shirts and more merchandise since my last journal. Yeah, still can't get out of Yugioh Hell, but why would I?? :fear: :lol:

Obviously, my pacing with art has been on the super slow slide, but I still doodle something every now and then. I wish I was able to submit some decent work, but motivation is hard to come by. Plus, working 40 hours a week kinda' drains many of the physical aspects of creativity out of me. Since graduating, I've done nothing toward using my degree, not even updating my resume with my current job. Le sigh.

To end this on something of a positive note....while I may not be as invested in Zim as I used to be, I continue to have the comics shipped to me. Speaking of which, I keep putting off buying the latest one, but I shall soon enough! I also have three of the blind bags. I had to paint Zim's antennae 'cause they were green. -_- Anyway, I couldn't ever stop loving that show. Every now and then I'll doodle an old OC of mine. <3



I do them! Check out this journal for pricing details! If it's a cartoon I like and have seen, I'll be able to whip up something for you! I like to consider myself a pretty good mimic-er of different styles when I put forth the effort.

Examples of Cartoons I'm known to draw/have drawn (even if not displayed in my dA gallery):

:bulletgreen:Invader Zim
:bulletred:My Little Pony
:bulletgreen:Adventure Time

Regulations: If I think a request is out of bounds (too inappropriate, etc.), I won't draw/write it, but I may offer a suggestion on what could make it more geared to what I'm okay with doing. If you're not sure about something, ask away! :)


I don't do free requests unless they're for voice-acting. I might take suggestions if I like them enough and need something to do.

What I'm Currently Working On

Nothing @_@


Other Places I Lurk


I also have Skype. If I know you fairly well and you'd like to IM me, let me know! I like to rp, but please don't add me if that's the only thing you ever want to do or talk about. ;)

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Such is with the rumbling and tumbling of life.

Doesn't mean it'll deviate ye away from what ye always enjoy.

Keepin them doodles up and runnin to be shown, and misadventure to be had.

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InvdrDana|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I usually just so my more doodly pics to my sister and some to Tumblr, and try to get the more finished things here. I've actually been working on finishing some more at work.
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Lots of digging for old and new memories, as I were to guess.

Always in the awkwardest of moments, when an idea strikes.

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