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I really doubt anyone reads these anymore except my sister and online bestie (you know who are woman B|), but eh, I care not. I don't have much to say anyway, just a thing or two. So this semester is cray as usual with severely long weekdays and my failure to put my butt to bed at an hour normal adults do. I'm also back to being involved with the drama club again, this time with an officer position (treasurer because I'm just so good with money |D). By time the weekend rolls around, I don't want to do much else aside from obsessively checking Tumblr. That honor belonged to Facebook last semester. It's been really dead on this site for me and I sadly don't get quite as excited as I once did seeing a new piece of awesome IZ art, which is cray since I really don't watch any Yugioh artists here. Thus, Tumblr must feed my addiction. |D

I've been obsessed with many things over the years, but Zim has been the most long-standing (what is it, nearly 14 years now?) and I never did think anything would come close. I still don't think I'll ever stop loving it, but it just doesn't register in my brain the same way it used to. Yugioh meets all the requirements for a major obsession in the same way Zim did. I first got into the show in middle school, a time in my life in which I'm thankful I never have to experience twice. I couldn't draw to save my life, but it never mattered then. These days I have to be able to mimic a style as close as I can if I want to continue drawing in it. Frustration's a part of drawing, but I can't be so annoyed that I give up all together. A lesser, but still important factor is whether or not I can imitate enough chars. I'm not sure what it is (aside from me loving voice work), but it helps me feel closer to the chars and people voicing them.

Interacting with the fandom in a large way is the real kicker, and that's one thing that's really been an issue with the IZ one as of late. Friends and artists that were once part of it aren't anymore as most people have moved on. And the people that are still a big part of it are in their teens, which isn't a problem per se (I love the fact that IZ continues to find new people to cling to), but the age gap isn't always easy for me. In high school I was the "befriend the entire online world" kind of person and it didn't matter how young (or old in some cases) my friends were. But at 25 (almost 26 yikes!), the maturity levels between myself and a teen are often at odds with one another. There are some teens whose writing and art I'm envious of because gosh daaang child, how you do that??? (I'm talking to you future novelist sister!) For the most part though, that isn't the case and I have way different needs/standards when it comes to rping these days. I also can't be the person people come to for rps and nothing else. If I can't connect to someone I'm rping with on a personal-ish level and the only conversations we have our about such things, it's not quite as satisfying. Otherwise, you become your character(s) in my mind and I can't separate the two.

I'm getting off track and I didn't think I'd end up doing an analysis on myself (ffffft), but that's me for you. After all that though, I must say it's getting much harder for me to convince myself to keep the InvdrDana name that I've had since I was a ripe Dana of 12 years old. Since I don't have a premium (nor feel the need to get one as activity on here is low), I don't think it'll be changing here any time soon. But that name carries over to everything personal and professional (I tried to make a professional email that's not my school one, but my name is stupidly common suuuu....). I wouldn't know what to change it to as far as the online fandom community goes though. It's not something I can make an impulsive decision about because it has so much nostalgia attached and it's what I'm recognized as the most. If anything, I'll create a Yugioh one solely for a Tumblr ask blog (I have a thing in mind...maybe), but I really don't know how long the "honeymoon phase" of my obsession will last. I've bought enough merchandise to warrant a long relationship, but we'll see.

And now I must get to class. This has been Philosophy with Christina.



I do them! Check out this journal for pricing details! If it's a cartoon I like and have seen, I'll be able to whip up something for you! I like to consider myself a pretty good mimic-er of different styles when I put forth the effort.

Examples of Cartoons I'm known to draw/have drawn (even if not displayed in my dA gallery):

:bulletgreen:Invader Zim
:bulletred:My Little Pony
:bulletgreen:Adventure Time

Regulations: I'm fairly open-minded to what content I'll draw, but it depends on the show. I won't do full-nudity, but I'm not past doing smexy things for every show above except MLP. As for Zim, I limit that to OC x OC (unless it's jokey). Slash is perfectly okay, but again, I'll only do OC x OC in Zim. I'll draw violence, but nothing super extreme. This is especially true of MLP. I'd rather stick to the level of violence seen in the show. For specific questions, all you have to do is ask! :)


I don't do free requests unless they're for voice-acting or writing. I might take suggestions if I like them enough and need something to do.

What I'm Currently Working On

-Pirate Bakura and “George” .... Progress: Coloring Stage
-My life .... Progress: Ongoing :F


My Sister


Groups I'm In

:iconcaption-contest:  :iconirkpreciation:


Other Places I Lurk


I also have Skype. If I know you fairly well and you'd like to IM me, let me know! I like to rp, but please don't add me if that's the only thing you ever want to do or talk about. ;)

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CTHM101 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015
Such is life of adulthood.

Even more so, when what you've loved slowly slips out from your head.

Resulting in nostalgia that you can return to, once in a while, and purse a new topic.


InvdrDana Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

But the thing is, I haven't stopped loving Zim and I don't even feel too incredibly sad that I'm not drawing it all the time like I did before. The interest is there sometimes; it's just not as pronounced. The hard part is having friends that are still knee-deep in it and here I am trying to remain interested (in a creative rping/arting way) in the very thing that started the friendship. It's basically Toy Story when Andy takes down all the Woody things and puts up Buzz Lightyear. It's like that with me except I've left up quite a bit.

Ho hum indeed.
CTHM101 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015
Imagine if at any moment you left the room, like toy story, both fandoms would get up and start an all out conflict.

All to be resolved by Shaun the sheep and Snoopy.

InvdrDana Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That would be a world war more like it, seeing as five fandoms (IZ, Yugioh, MLP, Snoopy, and Doctor Who) take up residence in my room. My dA Fella plush would have a field day moderating it all. I suppose he'd team up with Shaun and Snoopy, lol.
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