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Tally Ho George by InvdrDana Tally Ho George by InvdrDana

The promised pirate Bakura and Zorc pic is finally here! :D It’s based off an AU between my sister and I called “Demon Hunter” in which chars from the Yugioh verse have to ward off and fight demons that find their way to them through portals. Ryo and Marik work out of (and live in) an old firehouse that was converted into a proper living space. They get calls to go out and deal with demons and other paranormal entities.

There’s so much more to this AU, but as for Bakura, he resides within the Millennium Ring around Ryo’s neck. The events of his past are the same as in canon. The biggest difference is that he doesn’t exactly remember them and so he’s a lot more mellow and helpful. The Ring’s powers are also modified in that it can be used to locate demons and send them back to their respected realms. He will still take over Ryo’s body, but he usually asks permission first (until later on when he starts remembering what happened and has issues).

A fun, yet kinda’ sad aspect is that while in the Ring, Bakura can make literally anything happen in his soul room. He lets his imagination go wild and if he’s not careful or stays in there too long, he loses sight of reality and thinks his constructions are real.

So what’s the above scene alluding to you may ask? Okay so, one day Ryo and Marik get a call to get rid of a demon that’s been causing a disturbance at a mall. It’s a Zorc look-a-like ‘cause my sister and I didn’t take this AU seriously in the beginning. XD Anyway, they end up banishing him, but Bakura decides to keep him in the Ring for a little while. He’s actually only in there for a couple of hours, before Bakura sends him on his way to the demon realm. Bakura’s twisted sense of reality makes him think he’s still there and that his name is George. They have many fun adventures in the Ring with Bakura as the brave one taking risks, and George being more hesitant. In one story arc, Bakura’s a pirate captain, always saying, “Tally ho, George!” and George is all, “I’d rather not.”

Or you could see it as Bakura seeing the demon as a Zorc-look-alike because his subconscious is trying to tell him something about his past. :P

P.S: I know in my latest journal I said I wanted to put out more art but wasn't....well, this pic was started way back sometime in February 2015. I've just been very lazy about it and not being satisfied with it even though it was basically done. I was tired of seeing it and being reminded that it had yet to be submitted that I caved and got it finished. Still not satisfied, but what can ya' do? :shrug:

Yugioh © Kazuki Takahashi
Art © Me
LovelyChains Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016   Artisan Crafter
That's a beautiful story. :heart: I also enjoy the picture.
InvdrDana Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you~
LovelyChains Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2016   Artisan Crafter
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