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For Irken/Vortian relationships
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Cries of Kul Ulna
[For clarification, the Thief King/Akefia in this is known as Baki because when he appeared in modern times (due to a yet-to-be-written series of events...), Bakura wasn't too thrilled about him having the same name so it was shortened.]
Baki walked up the winding stairwell of the palace until he was standing on the outside loft, overlooking a crowd that was gathered beneath him. Spreading his arms apart caused a tumultuous roar from the people looking his way. He smiled, smug, and felt his heart pound upon hearing sounds of adoration seeping into his ears. His hands moved to the railing and he clutched onto it, which silenced the crowd.
"My people," he began, his voice str
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Bakura's Siblings
        Bakura held the kittens in his lap, enjoying their constant squirming. He couldn’t believe how soft they were or how little. Playing with kittens was never something he really did before this. Even as a small child, he didn’t play with the cats on the farm as much as he had chased them. But here he was, thousands of years later, letting kittens scamper around him. They gave him a calming sensation in the same way Marik did when the two of them were together. It was in these moments that he felt the most at ease. And yet, he knew he and his tiny playmates would have to bid each other farewell in a few short weeks.
       “We can’t keep all of them,” Ryo had told him. “At most, it’ll be two, and I already promised one to Melvin.”
       “What do you mean we can only keep two? What about the others?” Bakura snarled back.
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-Six years later-

Alarm. Get up. Brush teeth with Kid's Crest: Sparkle Fun. Step into light ray shower for optimal shine. Set it for phase two: Glitter Glue. Go to phase 3: Sequin Blaster. Repeat until the desired look is achieved.

"Ya' look great, Zurchy-poo!"

Zurch nodded toward the speaker.

"Ya' look great, Zurchy-poo!"

"I replied with a nod, you stupid machine!" When he yelled, pieces of glitter beckoned forth from his mouth. 'Ugh, that's what happens when I don't brush my teeth for the full two minutes...'

He left his quarters to seek out his assignment for the day. It was when he got to the canteen that he saw a marquee circling the entire room as it listed names and work orders. He'd arrived on time so naturally he had to wait a while for the 'Z's to appear. 'Please don't let it be the glitter mines...'


'Of course...'

Working in the mines wasn't so bad, but the security was tighter down there, meaning Zurch couldn't work on his secret project. He would've fixed the engine by now if he hadn't been such a slow learner or do-er of things. If it wasn't for another prisoner, he wouldn't have known the first thing about pods. Then that prisoner's mind completely glitterfied and Zurch no longer had a go-to-guy to go to. He'd managed to keep most of his brain glitter-free, but it was getting more difficult by the day.

The last part was literally made 6 years ago. :lol: I was feeling nostalgic. And bored by the journal I've had up for two years.



I do them! Check out this journal for pricing details! If it's a cartoon I like and have seen, I'll be able to whip up something for you! I like to consider myself a pretty good mimic-er of different styles when I put forth the effort.

Examples of Cartoons I'm known to draw/have drawn (even if not displayed in my dA gallery):

:bulletgreen:Invader Zim
:bulletred:My Little Pony
:bulletgreen:Adventure Time

Regulations: If I think a request is out of bounds, I won't draw/write it, but I may offer a suggestion on what could make it more geared to what I'm okay with doing. If you're not sure about something, ask away! :)


I don't do free requests unless they're for voice-acting.


Other Places I Lurk


I also have Skype. If I know you fairly well and you'd like to IM me, let me know! I like to rp, but please don't add me if that's the only thing you ever want to do or talk about. ;)

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