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Daily Deviation
April 30, 2009
One challenge emoticonists have to face with static or almost static emotes is persuasively conveying emotions. :tardgrinn: by ~InvaderZaeon is just full of bliss and gleeful vitality; the subtle stupidity in the expression is simple perfection, the almost unnoticeable blinking a great addition. This has to be one of the most usable emoticons as of late - and is pure genius on a 21×15 pixel canvas.
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Suggested by Timothy-Sim
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Just thought of this while looking at *Kermodog's emote :tallgrin:
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The original of the dummy emote.
:dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy: :dummy:
Niftysupermario56's avatar
This is my favorite emoji!!!
littlesplashdog's avatar
I was thinking it called dummy ^u^
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Everybody, this is Zaeon.
I made this account after being unable to log into my original account after forgetting my password for both the account and email.
Anyway Im thankful to everybody for liking my emote enough to make it an official dA emote, and giving it a daily Deviation award.

If anybody wants to talk to, or get a hold of me just message me when ever you like.
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I thought it was called Dummy. Huh. :dummy: Cause that's what you type to make it appear.
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Esto es irrepetible :D
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foodly's avatar
It happened! :dummy:
QueenOfCups30's avatar
I think :dummy: and :la: are the most popular emote. 
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The emote is called "Tard Grin", but the Daily Deviation message is all emotional XD
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