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Lunar Living

By InvaderXan
"This place just has no atmosphere..."

Part of the Living in Space series of images – [link]

:jarkorig: Invader Xan


Original images:
Model: lilbittydemon – [link] *
Room: indigodeep – [link] *
Chair: mysticmorning – [link]

Lunar landscape/Earth from orbit: NASA (Public Domain)
Stars: jocarra – [link]

Books: DamselStock – [link]
Toy Robot: deadenddoll-stock – [link]
Ukulele: chamberstock – [link]
Laptop: InvaderZim867 – [link]
Water Bottle: fotogrph – [link]
Absinthe Bottle: Eyespiral-stock – [link] *
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:WOW: Excellant work!!! :heart:
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added to Sketches and concepts in Sci-fi Archives
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thanks for using my stock! I always wanted to go to the moon!
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Really glad you like it! :D
And thank *you!* So many brilliant stock images to choose from...
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:red rose: Beautiful work :hug:
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:D Thank you, I'm so happy you like it!
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Looks great; glad to see my books in such far away & exotic destinations such as the moon! Thanks for using my stock.
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I'm glad you like it – and thank you!
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Ukulele , the first music instrument played on the Moon hahah I like it
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Well, if nothing else, they're definitely easier to fit onboard a spacecraft!
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